The AOVO Electric Scooter X8 doesn’t provide the most comfortable or most efficient ride; however, it’s light enough to make up for those shortcomings. Lightweight. It takes a few seconds to fold it up. Good brakes. It tops out at about 19 mph and comes with cruise control. The battery can be removed, and it is easy to slot into an extra. It’s a simple setup. IP54 water-resistant. It includes a bell as well as rear and front lights, as well as an illuminated display.


The acceleration is slow. It’s not a relaxing ride. It’s better for shorter riders. It makes many boops and beeps. The range is not great. Adorama’s support for e-scooters is largely inexperienced. I’m looking to ride through New York City on a sleek ride that I could take indoors and enjoy the coffee instead of looking for a parking spot–something similar to the hoverboard from Back to the Future.

Hoverboards may not be as common as we thought; however, these electric scooters could be the next best thing. They’re hoverboards that have handlebars. And wheels. They’re close enough. They’re futuristic-looking. However, they are also weighty and bulky like the e-scooters I tested the last year. It’s almost impossible to carry the same way as skateboards. So I was extremely happy when the AOVO AX8 was delivered to the doorstep.


Salient Features Making It Unique


This scooter is designed for those who are shorter than my six-foot self. My hands are large enough to cover all of the handlebars. The entire thing is slightly smaller than I’d like. The deck is so small that I can fit only one foot onto it and the ball of my other foot in the middle.


It’s a good thing you can get extras like an alarm clock, an LED that displays your bike’s speed, an LED headlight, and a front brake indicator. It’s IP54 waterproof, and I experienced no problems when forced to take the scooter through the middle of unexpected mild rain. Ensure you wash it clean after returning, and don’t connect the charger until it’s dry! (Despite advertising the IP54 rating, The manual states not to use it in the rain, which is why I’d advise against it if at all you can.)


The best benefit is the battery that can be removed. The plan is to purchase an extra battery and keep it around with you so that when your scooter begins losing power, it can be swapped for another cell to carry on. The battery weighs around 6 pounds; it’s probably best to leave the spare in the home or the office to ensure you never have to worry about range. It can take up to 4 hrs to charge it entirely.




There is a similar theme in more than one of my reviews of e-scooters. There are many problems with the setup, such as a screw not there or forcing a wheel to a fork there. The usual. That is what makes AOVO AX8 different. It took only five minutes to start it up.


It’s almost all assembled in the box. You have to pull it off, connect the handlebars, rotate them onto the threads near the bottom of the stem, insert it into its stem, and then tighten the LED display or brake by using the hex keys included. That’s it. You’re all set to go.


It’s a breeze to fold it up as well. Press down on the mudguard on the back to release the stem, lift it, and close the clamp to hold it in its place. It is possible to secure the clamp by turning a lock around it. Fold it in the reverse direction to secure it. It all takes less than 30 seconds. You can transport the X8 by gripping your stem. And it isn’t heavy.


What was the first thing I looked at apart from its simple and sleek design? It’s loud. I’m not talking about the motor. It emits an ominous chime every time you switch it on and off and often beeps as you’re riding (more on the subject later). It’s not as terrible outdoors amidst traffic and other noises; however, it can be loud inside.


AOVO Electric Scooter X8 Mechanism


The mechanism to fold is easy. To fold, you need to twist the ring at the base of the stem to open the lever. Then, turn the lever. The stem is folded down, and press it firmly against your rear fender. To unroll, press the rear fender and then raise the stem. Turn the lever and then turn the ring around to secure it.


The X8 is 47 inches tall; it’s a tiny 18 inches when folded. The deck that stands on is narrow but is wide enough to be 6 inches in width. The textured surface guarantees you won’t slip. This AOVO X8 is certified IP54 for water and dust resistance, but the manual says you shouldn’t ride it in the rain. It has two lights, one on the front headlight as well as the rear light, which blinks when you stop. A sturdy stand will allow the X8 to stand upright hands-free.


The X8 can support the weight of up to 250 pounds which isn’t the biggest charge among electric scooters; however, it’s a good amount for a mid-range model.


The AOVO is equipped with dual-braking, with the front brake operated by a hand lever located on the left side of the handlebar and a foot brake located on the tire on the rear. Push the first lever; place your foot on the rear fender to trigger the second. This is the second greatest feature of the AOVO, the X8.


AOVO X8 Electric Scooter Design


The AOVO X8 is a modern and slim design that’s not much different from other models in the market for mid-range electric scooters. The X8 is a close copy of the former, featuring an ejectable battery located on its stem. It also has an accelerator button on the left hand and a squeeze brake, and a bell located on the left hand. However, the Levy comes with air-filled tires; in contrast, the X8 comes with strong 10-inch tires.


The X8 is less stylish than our top choice for electric scooters and is not as stylish as the AOVO X8, which is heavier by 4 pounds. With 30 pounds, the AOVO X8 isn’t a breeze, and I would not want to carry it over several flights to get to a walk-up residence regularly. The scooter is nearly set up in its folded position. It was necessary to join the levers and handles, but this took around five minutes with the manual. The setup requires the Allan wrench.




The cheap electric scooter X8 is a clean e-scooter that is stylish and rides smoothly. It might not be the most efficient e-scooter available; however, it’s also less expensive than high-end models.

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