Recently, our company, the official AOVO company, has been under the pressure of slandering from The AOVOPRO company claims that our company sells counterfeit aovo pro. In fact, this company is the real counterfeit AOVO company, and their brand is not AOVO at all. , Their brand is AOVOPRO, here, the company AOVO clearly states that AOVO only sells AOVO series products, including AOVO electric scooters, such as AOVO M365 pro, AOVO microgo V2, and AOVO balance bikes, such as AOVO plating M4, and AOVO Solar lights, AOVO children’s toy cars, our company has always uphold a responsible attitude, any product quality problems, can be exchanged within 30 days, and our company will not fake sales, deceived consumers and said that our website sales The 250W AOVO M365 pro, in fact, all our electric scooters are all 350W motors, and we will never make false promotions.

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AOVOPRO.COM has no AOVO trademark at all. This is a fake AOVO company. Their company is AOVOPRO, not AOVO!

Due to the company’s slander and defamation of the company, our company will take up legal weapons to defend its rights and interests. I solemnly declare here that I hope everyone knows the true face of AOVOPRO.