A cheap electric scooter is a great alternative to a car for getting around town quickly and easily. It’s possible to improve the performance of your scooter with an auxiliary battery, but is it worth the added cost and weight? It’s a real juggling act to get it all right.


Cheap electric scooters tend to be city-oriented rather than off-road capable. You’ll have to dig farther into your pocketbook to get something with large tires, an impressive motor, and complete suspension.


However, we’ve only included the best and a cheap electric scooter from recognized brands with a proven track record of safety, reliability, and after-sale service in our list of recommendations.


Please take into account, too, how similar children’s electric scooters appear until you take them out of the box. Always check to ensure that the scooter you’re considering is unsuitable for children of all ages before you buy. If you seek a cheap electric scooter from the previous model, you may want to check out the AOVO M1 Pro electric scooter.

AOVO M1 Pro electric scooter

An electric scooter manufacturer, AOVO is always striving to improve the quality of its goods. The new device they’re introducing today, the AOVO M1 PRO is a cheap electric scooter packed with upgrades and enhancements. With a large battery, it’s a lightning-fast scooter that’s dependable and portable. This scooter comes out from the public thanks to its cutting-edge design, technology, and low price.


The AOVO M1 Pro is a dream come true for scooter enthusiasts who can ride it with all of the features they wish. The AOVO M1 PRO is great for travel because of its tiny size and lightweight. It’s a breeze to move around because it’s so light.


A faster top speed and a longer range make this Electric Scooter a better choice for going fast. Ride the AOVO M1 PRO cheap electric scooter and feel the rush of freedom and self-reliance that only riding an electric scooter can provide.

Build quality

If you had low hopes for the scooter, you might be pleasantly surprised by its overall quality. Even while it will not be able to compete with the quality of a Dualtron scooter that costs $3000, this cheap electric scooter model will still perform admirably for a lower price.


While the primary body of the scooter is constructed of aluminum, the auxiliary pieces and tires are made of rubber or silicone to reduce weight. Remember that, despite the scooter’s usually good riding quality and experience, it is equipped with solid rubber tires, which have several limitations.


Strong Power Electric Scooters

The AOVO M1 Pro cheap electric scooter is powered by a 350-watt brushless motor that can reach up to 19 mph while providing a stable driving experience. The speed is sufficient to meet the most basic requirements for short-distance commuting. The scooter might assist you in saving time during your most recent mileage period. When riding, the scooter’s power can support a rider’s weight of 264 lbs. The regenerative battery aids in the recycling of energy generated while riding and extends the range of the vehicle.

Smart APP Controller

You may connect your electric scooter via Bluetooth using the free Mini robot AOVO APP (available for iPhone and Android). The APP can operate the following functions: lock/unlock, light on/off, gears, start mode (zero start or non-zero start), set maximum speed, cruise control, etc. This APP is a very smart piece of software that can assist you in using your electric scooter in a simple and multifunctional manner.

Long Range Battery Design

With a high-capacity battery (7.5 Ah), you may travel up to 17 miles on a single charge, about 5 hours. This distance range is sufficient for school, work, and short journeys inside the city. The Smart Battery Management System ensures the safety of the battery while also extending its life. The high capacity of the high-quality lithium-ion battery has over-charge and over-discharge protection. The battery’s ability to be recharged more than 1000 times is impressive (more than 5 years).

Safety Consideration Design

The e-scooter is equipped with a dual-braking system (Disc brake & ABS anti-lock brake). Because this design is analogous to a mix of a car’s electronic hand brake and a foot panel brake, the stopping impact is substantial and safe in addition to headlights, brake lights, mechanical bells, headlights brake lights, and mechanical bells. The headlight is located near the steering wheel rather than on the handlebars. It can illuminate the road, shining farther and brighter than other scooters.

Maintenance-free Solid Tires

The electric scooter’s 8.5-inch honeycomb shock-absorbing solid tires have great flexibility and wear-resistant properties. The goal of solid honeycomb tires is to reduce the amount of time and effort required to ride. The honeycomb tire is self-inflating and does not need to be repaired or maintained. There are no worries about tire punctures. It’s also helpful in preventing slips and falls.

Extra Features

Perfect Speed Control

This cheap electric scooter boasts a top speed of over 20 mph, which means you’ll fly worldwide. All thanks to its powerful 350-watt engine, which offers three drive modes. With a maximum range of approximately 20 miles on a single charge, you’ll be able to ride this two-wheeler wherever you want.

Tough and Durable

The AOVO Pro cheap electric scooter is environmentally friendly, but it is also an extremely durable scooter. It is entirely waterproof, so rain will not be an issue. With substantial 8.5″ anti-skid tyres, you’ll feel secure navigating through rain, dirt, and even tiny obstacles.


Additionally, the tyres on this electric scooter are fairly resilient, so you won’t need to carry a puncture repair kit. Due to the AOVO Pro’s lightweight 12kg, folding it down and storing it within is simple. This enables you always to keep it off the road.

Feel Safe and Secure

Electric disc brakes on the AOVO Pro make it simple to come to a safe stop on your ride. Because of the built-in lights for nighttime journeys, visibility is ensured even in the busiest and darkest areas due to the built-in lights for nighttime excursions!


Speed, battery state, and trigger distance are shown on easy-to-read LCDs. By pushing the button, you can turn on the horn, the headlights, and the power mode.


The AOVO Pro cheap electric scooter is the ideal travel companion if you’re concerned about the environment.

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