All products are free shipping from Germany warehouse,  4~8 days delivery, We are AOVO original factory.

Repair service for 180 days, Germany & The UK repair site

Contact us to get an inquiry quote sheet directly: [email protected]

1. AOVO®M365 Pro Original Electric Scooter, 30km/h, 30km mileage, APP remote control secure lock, Ultra-light & with charger, 10.4Ah, 48V, 350W

Wholesale price: 280USD, (Min. Order: 10 Pieces)

2.MICROGO V2 Electric Scooter | 350W, 7.5Ah, 48V, IP54,  Max Mileage 30 km, 31 km/h Max Speed One-Step Folding E-Scooter, with APP control

Wholesale price: 280USD, (Min. Order: 10 Pieces)


3. AOVO MAX electric scooter super long max mileage 65km electric scooter, 40km/h, 600W great power, 48V,15Ah, IP65 Waterproof

Wholesale price: 420USD, (Min. Order: 10 Pieces)

4. BOGIST C1 pro electric scooter, 600W great power, 48V 13Ah, 45km max mileage, 45km/h max speed, Newest folding style with seat

Wholesale price: 520USD, (Min. Order: 10 Pieces)

AOVO has warehouses located in United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, so that can be sent to European Customers quickly.

FOB Wholesale Steps:

  • #1 Providing requirement
  • #2 Send email to [email protected]
  • #3 Get the inquiry sheet, Discuss the cost and delivery processes
  • #4 we will give you a USD account, pay the payment or advance payment.
  • #5 Arrange for rail or sea transportation
  • #6 We ship the goods to the port or the railway centralized location for delivery, and the customer pays the balance.

Our advantage, we have our own Electric scooter/hoverboard producing factory. and we have sales-after service in Germany warehouse, the price is much cheaper than another wholesaler, and we provide a one-year product warranty and deliver timely and effective.

AOVO M365 PRO for Dropshipping & Wholesale service, contact: [email protected]

AOVO MAX: 300GBP for Dropshipping, and 1~10 PCs wholesale, if you are interested, contact me via E-mail: [email protected]

BOGIST C1 PRO: 520USD for Dropshipping, and 1~10 PCs wholesale, if you are interested, contact me via E-mail: [email protected]