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AOVO M365 ELITE, Click to View
  1. All of our E-Scooter ship from UK or Germany warehouse, We regard customers as God, we provide cost-effective products, guaranteed after-sales service, and hope that customers will have a good shopping experience, so they can buy our products with confidence at AOVO official global store
  2. AOVO M365 Elite adopted industry better controller manufacturer YouFS, To ensure that AOVO M365 Elite will not fail to start, even if it is left for a long time and the battery is aging, AOVO M365 Elite can still operate normally
  3. 350W Motor, 36V, 10.4Ah battery (Real 10.4Ah capacity, no false mark, Fake one penalty ten), AOVO M365 elite can actually run 30~35km, it has been tested by influencers
  4. AOVO M365 Elite is developed by AOVO Technology, 90 days repairs service warranty, 180 days scooter parts providing, not including battery, 2 years quality warranty, providing AOVO official engineer free repairs technique consult service
  5. AOVO M365 Elite used closed sourcing APP for RC security lock, Named YouFS, makes your AOVO m365 elite safer
  6. AOVO M365 Elite, The newly designed and more beautiful raised wheel solid run-flat tires are used to distinguish AOVOPRO M365 ES80 and iScooter i9 Pro

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