AOVO affiliate program

How to make money via AOVO Store affiliate program?

1. Join in AOVO affiliate program via the link: , if you have not an account on, you need to sign up for a start. if you can not find our affiliate program, just need to click: Merchant–search for merchants–search: AOVO in Shareasale account, you will find our AOVO affiliate program.

2. After sign in your shareasale account, you can get AOVO affiliate tracking link to promote, AOVO shareasale affiliate merchant ID: 103302. you can enter your account via the link:

3. In order to promote the products that join the affiliate program more conveniently and effectively, AOVO has made €10 coupon, coupon code: AOVO10, €20 coupon, coupon code: AOVO20, €30 coupon, coupon code: AOVO30, If you want to get more coupons, to promote electric scooter better, you can learn more coupon code via the link: , You can share AOVO products affiliate tracking links that you get in shareasale account with your fans or friends on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or other media, etc. This is the example below:

4. After your fans or friends buying our products, you will get rewards from our AOVO STORE affiliate account on

5. We suggest you to promote BOGIST C1 PRO shareasale affiliate tracking link, because the electric scooter pretty porplar in Europe, ships from Germany or Ireland  warehouse, 4~8 days delivery in Europe wide. Most importantly, the bonus is 40EUR!

Veiw BOGIST C1 PRO electric scooter:

3 E-Scooters we recommend:

All of our products ship from Germany or The UK, or the USA warehouse, 4-8 days delivery


Price: 599 EUR

30EUR Coupon Code: AOVO30

Commission: 599*7%=42 EUR

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Price: 329.99 EUR

10EUR Coupon Code: AOVO10

Commision: 329*7%= 23 EUR

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Price: 249.99 EUR

Coupon Code: AOVO10

Commission: 249.99*7%=17 EUR

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