AOVO A1 | Elegant, Comfortable, Ultra High-Performance Electric Bike

AOVO A1 electric bike, developed by AOVO Technology, this newly upgraded electric bike is a masterpiece of innovation and elegance. It beautifully combines essential functionalities with a return to classic biking charm, delivering practicality, comfort, and style. This is an electric bicycle produced and shipped by a Spanish factory. No need worry about any after-sales problems. The Spanish factory can help you solve all problems.

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Essential Data at a Glance

  • 700C aluminum frame and dual disc brakes

    36V/10Ah lithium-ion battery for robust performance

  • Speed: 6 gears, up to 15.5 mph with a 250W brushless motor

    Max Mileage: 60 km

An electric bike designed for the commute and beyond

27-inch super-strength polyester fiber reinforced tires offering exceptional shock resistance, anti-burst qualities, superb tightness, and reduced need for frequent inflation.

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25 km/h


15.5mph Max Speed: Equipped with a built-in torque sensor and a powerful 250W brushless motor, the AOVO A1 enhances your ride up to 15.5 mph, combining power, speed, and convenience in an eco-friendly, compact design.

60 km


37.28 Miles Long mileage: With a high-capacity 36V/10Ah lithium battery, the AOVO A1 delivers up to 60 miles per charge in pure power mode—ideal for your daily needs and long explorations

  • Built-in Torque Sensor
    Experience precision with the built-in torque sensor that ensures the motor’s power delivery is directly proportional to your pedaling effort. This seamless integration captures the essence of traditional biking, making every ride intuitive and exhilarating.
100% Security
Waterproof IP65
  • Removable Battery with Dual Lock Keys
    Enjoy the convenience of a removable battery design that allows for effortless carrying and charging. Each unit includes two battery lock keys, enabling easy and secure battery removal and installation with just one hand.
100% Security
Waterproof IP65

Ideal for Work Commutes & Scenic Outings:

Discover more about AOVO by searching for AOVO on YouTube, where you can see the AOVO A1 in action, showcasing its capabilities and features perfect for both commuting and enjoying the great outdoors.

Removable Battery Design

The AOVO A1 e-bike features a detachable 36V/10Ah lithium-ion battery, offering a range of 40-60 km per charge with only 3-5 hours of charging time. This makes it ideal for daily commutes or leisurely travels. The removable battery ensures convenient charging, whether at home or in the office.

  • Integrated Battery Lock: Ensures the battery remains secure while riding.

  • Click here to inquire about CE certification, new utility patents, and official product appearance patents held by AOVO A1, including regions such as the EU, China, and the UK.

With Comfortable and Well-built Seat Saddle

Enjoy maximum comfort with the AOVO A1’s well-built seat saddle, featuring a front fork and exclusive molded design. The saddle adjusts up and down, as well as back and forth, to perfectly fit your comfort preferences.

  • Adjust the handlebar and seat height to suit your preferences, allowing for a relaxed posture of your hips and spine.

  • AOVO cooperated with Spain factory, produced AOVO A1 in Spain, If AOVO A1 electric bike has any quality problem need to be repaired, we can provide repairs service in time, after all, factory is in Spain, it is easy for us to solve any sales-after problems

Built-in Torque Sensor Technology

Built-in super damping system, front wheel, rear wheel damping, floor damping, and seat damping, even if driving on a very uneven road, you will still not feel bumpy

  • Seamless Mode Transition: Offers a natural ride feel that transitions smoothly from mode to mode.

  • Responsive Assistance: The torque sensor adapts to your pedaling effort; the harder you pedal, the more assistance you receive.

Top advantages introduction:

The AOVO A1 electric bike includes IP65-rated waterproofing, current overload protection, and an intelligent temperature controller for a safer, more energy-efficient ride.

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  • The AOVO A1 is a private model with absolute patent control rights, newly upgraded under the AOVO brand. Integrated sealant prevents safety accidents caused by battery leakage and ensures the bike is ready for release and safe riding.
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