Our home is rural, but our children are urban. Our daughter is in the middle of her final year of college, while our son has work in a major city. She can walk to class; however, her campus is massive, as are some of the buildings 30-minutes away. Some eateries near his home, but most are just too far. When it’s far enough to walk, but it’s too complicated to take of the car or even get in, they’ll need a more convenient route to get to the place they want to go.


When fully charged, the AOVO Microgo V2 motorbike with 350w of power can support a weight of up to 260 pounds. It has three-speed options you can choose between: (15km/h, 20km/h, and 25 km/h). It’s great for going uphill and can manage steep 15deg slopes, which is ideal for commuting scooters.


You will be provided with a feeling of security to make your trip safer and more enjoyable. Give you a comfortable journey. It’s foldable, making it extremely easy to carry regardless of whether you’re traveling or taking a trip. The frame is extremely durable and durable. It’s an excellent scooter for commuting since it folds down and locks to make it easy to store.


What is AOVO Microgo V2 Electric Scooter?


An AOVO Microgo V2 electric scooter is powered by batteries that can travel at speeds of 19 mph, go up to 20 miles on one charge, and carry up to 220lbs. It comes with a dual braking system, folds into a storage unit, and plugs into the wall to recharge. The V2 is among four scooters that are offered by Microgo, which is a Chinese company.


Advance Features


● Safest Scooter:


Disk brakes, as well as the EABS Regenerative Anti-lock Braking Mechanism, are the two brake systems. The stylish sidelights will make you a star, and the rear and front warning lights help you stay safe in the dark.


● App Control:


The electric scooter is equipped with a Bluetooth system that controls speed, distance, time tracking, and an electric scooter self-test. It also comes with cruise control that keeps an established speed without continuous throttle twisting.


● Honeycomb Tire:


Shatter Absorption, Wear Resistant 8.5 Honeycomb tires can be used in grass, dirt, rain, or glass. It is not necessary to fill the tire with air anymore.


● USB Charger:


The exclusive USB interface lets you charge your smartphone while driving to stay constantly connected. It is important to note that this function is only utilized in an emergency to prolong the time of use for electric scooters.


● 3 Speed Mode & 350W Motor:


The rapid electric scooter features three-speed modes (15kmph, 25kmph, and 30kmph), and you’ll need to adjust to meet your local needs—30 km maximum range.


Installation and Setup


The scooter is partially assembled. The first thing to do was to join the other pieces. It comes with a tiny screwdriver and Allen wrenches (just one wrench is required). The majority of the time, the manual is simple and easy to comprehend, and, in my opinion, the AOVO Microgo V2 scooter did an excellent job of it. They have only one page to put it together, and that’s not enough information. Fortunately, the AOVO Microgo scooter is equipped with an excellent YouTube video that demonstrates precisely how to proceed. With help from the scooter, I completed the task in under 10 minutes.


The third step is to recharge the battery by taking out the small rubber plug and plugging the DC charge into it as well as the wall. AOVO Microgo scooter states it takes between 4-and 6 hours to charge fully, and I’ve observed that it typically takes around 5 hours when the battery is about to be completely depleted. Once it’s fully charging, the light on the charger’s display changes from red to blue.


An AOVO Microgo scooter can be ridden in two different positions: folded as well as fully stretched. The first is ideal for storing the scooter or carrying it around; the second is suitable for riding. To move from one place to another, I followed the directions on the customer service card and then pressed the red button that released an emergency lever. I then pulled the handle. As I displaced it into the folded posture, I heard an audible clicking sound as pins snapped into two slots, and the safety lever was caught. As I moved it to its extended posture, I didn’t notice that snap as the lever did not catch. After examining it carefully, I discovered that the pins had slipped into the upper slots; however, they did not pop in fully. This is a major safety issue. The pins must be fully in the slot as well as the level of safety must be able to be met. I made a video to illustrate this issue.


Hardware Specs


It’s difficult to determine exactly what specs are required for the AOVO Microgo scooter since the specs on their website differ from those that appear on the Amazon page. The Amazon page says that it’s a 2021 version, and I believe the latest model and the specs are from the user’s manual as well as Amazon:


  • Frame Aluminium alloy Frame: ABS, PC, and Aluminum alloy
  • Engine: 350W
  • Maximum Load: 220 lbs
  • Battery: 36V/7.5AH Li-ion
  • Weight: 36 lbs
  • Brakes front (electric) and back (disc)
  • Size 47 ins from the front tire to the back tire. The tire is 44 inches high when extended and just17 inches when folded.
  • Weather Rating: IPX4
  • Tires 8.5-inch tires made of rubber. Tubeless


Design and Features


It’s the AOVO Microgo V2 scooter has the typical design of scooters. It has a single wheel in the front and a deck behind, where the rider sits. A handlebar extends to the left of the steering wheel and comes with two grips that control. However, some things aren’t usual. There is a white headlight as well as a red tail light. The handles feature the two “thumb pedals,” one break and the other an accelerator, the more conventional hand brake, and the bell. The deck is very big (19 by 6 inches) and provides ample space for both feet. Also, there is nice blue lighting set on the sides.




An electric scooter, such as the AOVO Microgo V2 scooter, is a useful device to own. It makes life easier and is also reasonably priced. The users should be attentive to its use, and modern features are better.



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