If you want to ride an electric scooter for adults with maximum power, speed, and comfort, the AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter is the one for you. A maximum driving distance of 40 kilometers and a top speed of 45 kilometers make it the perfect vehicle for going anywhere. The AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter has several noteworthy features. Speed lovers will love the unique features it provides.


Outstanding features of AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter


To determine whether a scooter is suitable for your needs, you need to know its maximum weight, power, running time, and control. Do you want to know about those features too? Here are the answers to your question about what makes a scooter unique so you can better understand the AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter.


There is a fixed speed and cruise control, and one does not need to grip the throttle all the time. The AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter also has comfortable and adjustable seats, speed settings, mileage and time logging, and self-testing systems. Following are the fantastic features of the AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter:


High weight-bearing capacity

Although AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter is lightweight with a weight of 25kg, it can easily bear a heavyweight up to 150kg. That means that despite being light in weight, it can take your weight and your beloved one too.


Wear-resistant Pneumatic Tire

AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter has 12″ size large pneumatic tires which are puncture-resistant, wear-resistant, and shock-absorbing. Moreover, AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter comes with more significant grabs, providing a smoother ride on uneven terrain. These solid tires and more significant grabs allow you to go through mud, grass, rain, and glass comfortably without pumping up the tire.


Fast & Powerful

The fast electric scooter has three speeds. Make sure you adjust the speed to comply with local laws and regulations. The maximum range of this scooter is 45 kilometers per hour (depending on the distance and the weight of the driver).


Double Braking System

AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter has two reliable braking systems, a disc-braking system and an anti-vibration braking system on the front and rear wheel, providing exceptional control and grip. This double braking system gives you more safety and confidence when you drive it.

LCD Display Panel

AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter has two LCD displays. One is for displaying all details about speed, battery, total mileage, and speed level during a ride. The other is a power display that shows the power of the battery available for you during the ride and judges the distance you can travel based on the information provided by the display. So, you may charge the battery in a timely manner without facing any difficulty.


Excellent Riding Experience

We can guarantee that you can enjoy an excellent riding experience on AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter. Why? This is because the AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter has a super comfortable elastic comfy padded seat that supports a cortical seat with a four-sided frosted cushion that adds comfort and a more soft touch. Furthermore, the seat is also adjustable. The High-rise aluminum seat base allows adjustment to support various heights and a more laid-back riding position.

Moreover, as discussed above, it contains 12″ pneumatic tires that make your ride super smooth and comfortable and make you feel an excellent riding experience, no matter how long you travel.

Portable folding design

AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter’s folding mechanism is effortless. It has a portable folding design for easy storage at the home, office, college, or hand carry when necessary. Just step on the folding pedal, and the scooter will fold, making it the ideal travel and commuting companion. If you are a newbie in e-scooter riding or a professional, handling and folding the AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter will not be a problem. It is easy to fold and lightweight. You can easily carry it and keep it with you in a small space.

Headlight-tailing lights

AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter has headlight-tailing light set for a night drive. And 4 LED white front lights to allow for an extended range of sight. The lights are super bright, so it will provide you with riding at night on the road with super ease.



Moreover, the LED lights are present at the front and back of the e-scooter to keep you a double-safe riding experience in low-light conditions. Hence, with AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter, you will also enjoy a safe and comfortable night traveling.

Multifunctional Basket storage

This AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter has strong basket storage at the rear side of the e-scooter for storing items conveniently during the ride.


We understand that you may want some extra space in your scooter to store items such as your towel, lunch box, water bottles, or other valuable things during your ride. Therefore, AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter has ample basket storage that gives you the convenience to carry on everything you need.


Environment friendly

We here at AOVO are passionate about electric vehicles. Aside from being fun and packed with the latest tech, they’re also very environmentally friendly. AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter is also environment friendly.


It will last a long time because it emits no emissions and has a low carbon footprint. Electric scooters are the future. An actual electric scooter experience can be found with the AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter, a model we love.


Superior performance & Long age Battery


The AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter combines a 600W brushless electric motor with a long-lasting battery. It reaches a top speed of 45km/h and has a range of approximately 40km to go anywhere you want quickly.


An upgraded 600 Watt motor offers three operating speeds and a maximum distance of 40km (depending on road conditions and driver weight). It has a strong driving force and can effectively handle steep hills climbing over 12 degrees. This device has a lithium battery with a good capacity range, allowing more extended range and higher speed.



A comprehensive warranty policy is offered with AOVO electric scooters. After-sales service is easy to obtain. Warranty coverage covers manufacturing defects for a certain period of time. However, the warranty does not cover scooter parts if they have been involved in an accident, installed improperly, or subject to normal wear and tear.

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