This AOVO company, which offers electric scooters, is constantly working to improve its products. AOVO M365 PRO is the new product they’re launching right now, and it has a host of new and improved features. It’s a super-fast scooter with a huge battery that’s dependable, fast, and light. The innovative features and technology in this scooter make it stand out from the rest of the group.


Scooter enthusiasts will be able to ride the AOVO M365 Pro with all of the features they desire, making it a dream come true. Because of its small size and lightweight, the AOVO M365 PRO is ideal for travel. It’s incredibly light and easy to move.


This Electric Scooter has a longer range and a higher top speed for serious riders. Electric scooters are also one of the greenest modes of transportation, and time to go on the AOVO M365 PRO electric Scooter and experience exhilaration and independence.

AOVO Pro basics

To operate the scooter, you must first link it to the app through Bluetooth. It’s usually a fairly quick and easy process. There are three settings on the AOVO M365 PRO, each with its speed limit: eco, regular, and sport.


The app lets you specify whether or not the scooter should require a kick to get going (which I usually recommend because it’s safer and saves battery life). However, before you can utilize the cruise control feature, the app must be activated first (it engages after 5 seconds).


The scooter’s stem may be folded, but the handlebars cannot. The handlebars are attached to the rear fender via a short frame under the bell upon folding. Also, the folding mechanism is solid, and the stem doesn’t sway while riding, even on bumpy roads.


You can put the scooter on its kickstand when you’re not using it. While a longer kickstand would provide greater stability, this one does the job just fine, so it’s not a major concern.

LCD Display

AOVO M365 PRO has a thumb-throttle acceleration button, a brake lever (with bell hammer), and an LCD in its cockpit to keep things simple yet functional. Rather than reinventing the wheel, go with what has been proved in popular scooters today. The most critical factor is that it’s a winning strategy.


I think it’s even better than the others because it has a screen. Even though it’s a regular size, the display is noticeably brighter and more organized. It is still apparent:

  • current speed
  • battery level
  • speed mode
  • Bluetooth status
  • light status
  • cruise control
  • lock status

Build quality

You may be surprised by the scooter’s overall quality if you’ve had modest expectations. Even while it won’t compare to the quality of a Dualtron scooter that costs $3000, this cheaper model will still get the job done for less money.


The main body of the scooter is built of aluminum, with rubber or silicone used for the auxiliary elements and the tires. You should be aware that, despite the scooter’s generally decent riding quality and experience, it comes with solid rubber tires with certain drawbacks.

Speed and acceleration

The scooter’s 350-watt motor is a hub BLDC motor built into the front wheel and allows for more precise steering and maneuverability.

As shipped, the AOVO M365 PRO has a top speed restriction of 15.5 mph (25.5 km/h). That cap can be introduced via the app in certain circumstances up to 22 mph / 35 km (primarily with lighter riders, but heavier riders can obtain at least 20 mph / 32 km on a flat road and with a full battery). This has happened on some occasions. Several independent speed tests have confirmed the speed limitations.


A firmware upgrade for the scooter is also an option, and that might bring the top speed up much higher still. The acceleration is also rather impressive, which is unusual for scooters in this price range. Speed is achieved in a couple of seconds, making the scooter a joy to ride (about 6 seconds to top speed) (even beginners find slow scooters to be already boring after a few minutes).

Battery and charging

Battery capacity is 378 Wh for the Aovo Pro, which is approximately one-third greater than the other two models. This is why the AOVO M365 PRO has a somewhat longer range despite its smaller battery capacity of 10.5 Ah and voltage of 36 V. In addition; it is equipped with a sophisticated battery management system that protects against difficulties like as insufficient voltage, short circuits, auto sleep/wake-up, overheating, and other common battery and charging problems.


Although it is too short-telling, the battery’s initial testing in real-world circumstances has yielded positive results. You should be able to get several years of use out of the battery before contemplating replacing it due to deterioration.

Extra Features

Perfect Speed Control

You will see that this electric scooter has a top speed of nearly 20 mph, which means you will be zipping over the world in record time. All thanks to its strong 350-watt motor, which has three different drive modes. And with a maximum range of nearly 20 miles on a single charge, you’ll be able to take this two-wheeler everywhere you want to go.

Tough and Durable

AOVO Pro Electric Scooter is not only good for the environment, but it is also a very long-lasting scooter. Rain will not be a problem because it is completely waterproof. With hefty 8.5″ anti-skid tyres, you’ll feel confident managing rain, dirt, and even minor obstacles on your route.


Furthermore, the tyres on this electric scooter are quite durable, so you won’t need to worry about carrying along with a puncture repair kit. It is simple to fold the AOVO Pro down and store it inside, as it weighs only 12kg. This allows you to keep it off the road at all times.

Feel Safe and Secure

Electric disc brakes on the AOVO Pro make it easy to halt your journey safely. The built-in lights for nighttime trips ensure visibility in the busiest, darkest regions, thanks to the built-in lights for nighttime trips!


Easy-to-read LCDs display speed, battery status, and trigger distance. Turn on the horn, headlights, and power mode by pressing the switch.


The AOVO Pro Electric Scooter is the perfect travel companion if you’re conscious of the environment.

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