Bogist is an electric riding scooter manufactured in Shenzhen, China. Their main products are self-balancing scooters, outdoor, home, and indoor products. Bogist created its brand with the heart of groundhogs. They hope that the experience of riding the electric bikes of Bogist will be as easy as groundhogs. They’ll be happy. It is Bogist C1 Pro electric scooter, a great mobility scooter to commute to work, and comes with a strong motor and durable and the option of a saddle. If you are looking for an electric scooter but cannot stand waiting for a subway or bus, take a look at our detailed review of the fantastic C1 Pro electric scooter.




The Bogist C1 Pro electric riding scooter is a great rider featuring a brushless 48V motor that allows speeds of up to 45kmph. If you feel this speed is unsuitable, we will alter the speed setting accordingly. The e-scooter has 3 speeds, and the top speeds are between 35kmph and 45kmph. So you are in control. The scooter also has amazing climbing capability, and upwards of 15 degrees is not a major issue.




45 km Long Range e-scooter: Assisted with a lithium-ion 48V13Ah battery, the battery’s life could be as long as 40 KM. The e-scooter is constructed of premium aluminum alloy, lightweight and robust, and weighs 20 kgs. The maximum capacity for a load of 150 kg. 500w engine for C1 Pro electric scooter. This electric scooter with a motor of 500w is able to provide stable and reliable power, 3-speed options, the highest speed of 45 kmph, and 20 degrees of climbing capability. Shock absorption for the scooter: pneumatic tires of 10 inches with outstanding performance in absorbing shock, and the seat comes with spring-loaded shock absorbers. The seat is removable, and the handles may be folded to make it easier to carry.


● Lighting System:


The folding e-scooter comes with high-brightness 24 front lights LED lights, a horn reminder, and a tail light equipped with a warning light that is safe to flash at night, which makes night-time riding more secure—double brakes for off-road scooter Drum brakes on the front wheels and disc brakes on the back wheels. Two kinds of brake designs allow you to safeguard your safety and prevent accidents.


Design and Build Quality


The Bogist C1 Pro e-scooter comes with an appealing design and excellent quality of construction. It appears big on tires, front pole, integrated LED headlight, and other parts. We could think that the C1 pro scooter may have a complex design. It also comes with a saddle that is included with the electric scooter that can be put onto the pedal with ease and allows us to rest on the seat with there is no need for standing on the scooter the entire way. An additional shock absorber beneath the saddle helps reduce jumps when riding. The seat height can be adjusted.


Battery and Charging


With a massive 13AH lithium battery, this scooter is able to be used for roughly 40 km to 45 km on one charge. It can be long enough to travel from place to place many times. The BMS Super-powerful battery charges up to 500 times and has a maximum load of 120 kg. It usually takes 7 hrs to charge the electric scooter completely.

Choosing the Bogist C1 Pro


● More Speed and Range


It can reach a maximum speed of 45kmph, or 28mph, and a distance of 25 miles. This highest speed is quite quick for electric scooters.


● Made With Solid Materials


It feels reliable as it provides security and assurance when riding. It is designed for everyday use.


● Warranty


The Bogist C1 Pro has a warranty of 180 days; if there is a problem or defect, you may have it repaired or replaced.


● Efficient Braking Mechanism


The scooter is about control and safety, which is why it comes with a premium drum brake and an electronic brake. Just a slight squeeze at the handles for the brake, and the electronic scooter stops without delay.


● Wheels and Tire


As mentioned earlier, the 10-inch tires ensure that the scooter appears larger. Its front wheels are inflatable, and the rear wheel cannot be inflated. The large tire with anti-skid tread offers maximum comfort even on bumpy roads and speed jumps.


● Huge Capacity Battery


The battery is fitted with high-quality 48V 13Ah lithium batteries with high capacity that give you the power to keep up performance and endurance.


● Advanced Double Suspensions


The scooter is equipped with sturdy and long-lasting suspensions, which will reduce the impact of the bumps and bumps you could encounter while traveling most efficiently.


● Advanced Display


Check battery voltage, switch speed modes, cruise regulation, and switch headlights off/on to your preference.


● LCD and Light System


The Bogist electric scooter has an LCD. The display displays the battery’s capacity along with speed, range, speed as well as the state of the headlight. The headlight comprises three lamp beads and is located over on the fork in front (most electric scooters have a headlight close to the front). The headlights are vibrant; therefore, they will illuminate the roads when you ride the scooter at night.


● Front & Rear Tires


Equipped with air-filled and sturdy (honeycomb) tires, the Bogist scooter is designed to travel long distances and provide a smoother and puncture-free ride.


● Brake and Shock Absorber


Bogist C1 pro electric scooter is fitted with disc brakes with multiple holes and the E-ABS anti-lock brake mechanism. Dual brake systems shorten brakes, making scooters safer to ride.





  • These 10″ large tires equipped with anti-slip threads can go through any terrain that is rough easily.
  • The electric scooter comes with a 13Ah battery, supporting 45-50km of travel on one charge.
  • It is compatible with the IP64 waterproof standard.
  • The scooter is equipped with front and rear discs with multi-hole brakes, as well as an electronic brake.
  • Bright LED headlight that has three lamp beads




  • Electric scooters are hefty, weigh 23 kilograms;
  • The charge time is around 7 hours. It’s quite long.




The Bogist electric scooter is a robust e-scooter with superior performance, top quality, and dependability. It is constructed using strong and durable materials that keep it from defacing and breaking. This makes it an excellent choice to choose it.


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