【AOVO®K1】Bluetooth speaker, Factory model: YYS-K1, Elegant and beautiful design, 3-dimensional accent, easy to connect & operate | Free shipping US and EU

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【AOVO®K1】Bluetooth speaker with professional sounds quality, A Bluetooth speaker with very good sound quality. If you are a music expert or a music lover, you will definitely fall in love with it.

  1. Super long battery stand by
  2. Smartphone wireless adapter
  3. Can insert memory card to play, can insert cable to play
  4. Super elegant deisgn
  5. Great heavy metal sound quality
  6. Can be used as an alarm clock and radio
  7. Best choice for game and music 2024
  8. Ultra-high sound limit

Give away microphone (June 15, 2024 ~ July 15, 2024)

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Product: AOVO K1
Factory Model:SM-2312
Product features:clock,alarm clock,temperature,Bluetooth,wireless
charging, calling, TF card, USB flash drive, AUX, FM, lighting, TWS
Material and process: ABS
Power supply method: built-in lithium battery/USB 5V
Regular colors:black,white,blue
Product size:228*116*112mm
Wireless charging power: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W requires an external adapter
Wireless charging adapter input: 5V-2A/5V-3A/9V-2A
Bluetooth version:Jerry V5.2
Channel mode: dual channel stereo
Speaker specifications:0 57mm,4 Ω 10W
Output power: 10W*2
Bead specifications: Colorful LED
Bluetooth distance:>10M
Frequency response:20Hz-20KHz
Battery charging parameters: TYPE-C 5V1A
Battery capacity: 3600mAh

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Black, White, Black with 2 Microphone, White with 2 Microphone

30 reviews for 【AOVO®K1】Bluetooth speaker, Factory model: YYS-K1, Elegant and beautiful design, 3-dimensional accent, easy to connect & operate | Free shipping US and EU

    July 9, 2024
    Great sound quality for a small device. I purchased the battery base as I wanted to extend my music group outside. It won’t blast the neighbors but has good sound in a small area. When it’s plugged in at my kitchen it adds stereo quality in the kitchen family room area used with an echo. I purchased it on sale so it was definitely a good value. Small and compact.
    July 9, 2024
    This was a gift for my daughter as she wanted a speaker for her room, but also something that she could use for other things as well. It is super light weight, cute, great quality, and modern to add to her room. I have not owned one before so I had to dig a little on the information to adjust it to a kids setting for connectivity. After I figured it out, everything else was a breeze to set up. There are still many other features I have yet to use and can’t wait to figure out. It was an amazing value for the product. The speaker is surprisingly loud and gives great quality for how small and compact it is.
    July 9, 2024
    I recently purchased from AOVO OFFICIAL and it has been a fantastic addition to my home. The sound quality is impressive for its size, offering clear audio and powerful bass. The voice assistant is highly responsive and accurate, easily picking up commands even in background noise. Its sleek and compact design fits well with any decor.
    July 9, 2024
    This has a better speaker than my relatively new with a screen, which is great because I use them a lot for music. It was super easy to set up app since I have another, it only took 2 minutes to set up. I haven't had any issues so far. We use this one in the bedroom for alarms, music, and to turn off the smart lights in the house when going to bed. I like that this one doesn't have a camera
    July 9, 2024
    I got these for my garage to place next to my tool cabinet. The color matches my cabinet pretty well. I liked how easy they were to set up and even pair together. Other versions of these gave me a little more hassle to set up as a pair, but not these! The sound is really good given their size and configuration. I'm really impressed, plus they're compact. Just wish the cords had an option to be longer or order a longer version. Seems like they really had these in mind for a kitchen setup as the cords wouldn't really work even for a standard floor outlet setup. I'm just lucky that my tool cabinet has a power strip built in, so the cord is just long enough to work for what I wanted. Given the size and the cost, especially on sale, these are a great value for the money. And if these will be your first, they are really easy to get going.
    June 27, 2024
    It’s a lot smaller than I expected (go me for not reading the dimensions haha). But it packs a punch! The instructions say I can buy another one and connect them by Bluetooth so that’s what I’ll probably end up doing. It’s great for just hanging in the garage or around the fire pit. 😊
    June 27, 2024
    Exactly as I said! Great sound quality- charged very fast! My kid loves the colors! 100% would buy again
    June 27, 2024
    I got this for my wife’s 60th birthday party. We were going to be in a three sided enclosed pavilion. I asked my colleague who is a professional musician to research and recommend a speaker. This is the one he suggested I haven’t used it for the party yet, but I just plugged it in and it sounds great. I was concerned that it might sound, a little tinny It sounds great . There will be some kids at the party and I know they will love the light feature.
    June 27, 2024
    This speaker is compact, lightweight yet the bass is AMAZING. I can't believe that it sounds so great for the price. It's so easy to move from room to room and I'm sure would sound great even outside. I'm so glad that I purchased it.
    June 27, 2024
    These speakers are awesome! . I bought two speakers to enhance the stereo sound. We use them on our deck and get great commentary, from guests, on the quality of sound. I highly recommend purchasing this product!
    June 26, 2024
    This speaker has great sound and gets quite loud if you want. The battery seems to be lasting a long time too. I'm very happy with it, it's well worth the money!
    June 26, 2024
    Connects super fast. Sounds AMAZING! It has the best sound clarity I’ve ever heard from a speaker - especially at this price point. I’ve used it for block parties, bbq’s, on the golf course, camping, you name it! Purchase this - you won’t regret it!!!
    June 26, 2024
    I couldn't be happier with the Yier party speaker! The sound quality is phenomenal, with deep bass and clear highs that keep the party going all night. The LED lights add a fun and vibrant atmosphere, perfect for any gathering. It's incredibly easy to set up and connect via Bluetooth.
    June 26, 2024
    The speaker is great, it’s achieves the goal I intended it to be, and the clarity is great. The brightness that the speaker gives off from the lights is so cool. It was easy to find the power (button), and it seems like the battery life is good.
    June 26, 2024
    We love loud music- and so I’m always leery or portable Bluetooth speakers. But these were impressive right out of the box. Good balance of portability and can get a lot of sound that’s clear as well. Got for my son for his first place- and so he also likes the lights. Jut got so not sure how long they’ll last but impressed so far!
    June 24, 2024
    Very pleased with this purchase. I am currently using this as a bookshelf-type speaker for my home office and the sound is very good for the money. After removing from the box, you only need to charge this, turn on and your phone or other device will find it. Good bass, clear sound and adequate volume.
    June 24, 2024
    Definitely a great value for the price but could be a bit better. It definitely produces a clean and loud sound with little to no fuzz. The bluetooth range is decent too and it's a great speaker (on the smaller side) for bringing on beach trips, outdoor parties or just quality listening
    June 24, 2024
    I'm so glad I made this purchase. It's perfect for outside as well as inside music. Cool, portable, lightweight and packs a lot of punch. and I love the way it connects to the Bluetooth easy to my phone and the sound is amazing quality..
    June 24, 2024
    I recently bought this so my coworkers and I could listen music on that day at work. This this item is the best thing that I have bought in a long time. I now use this daily at my house and at work it lasts the whole 8 hours at my shift. But I can't have her on full blast because this thing is loud. this little speaker is awesome.
    June 24, 2024
    The lights on this are very nice. I am giving it as a gift so I didn't want to disturb it too much. The instructions could be better but all in all its a very nice alarm speaker. The sound is very good for the size and all the cables you need are included. If you look at the images you can see all the available ports. There are similar items out there like this but this had the best reviews and I'm glad I went with it. Hopefully my daughter will love it as much as I do.
    June 21, 2024
    This item is the best thing that I have bought in a long time. I now use this daily at my house and at work it lasts the whole 8 hours at my shift. But I can't have her on full blast because this thing is loud. this little speaker is awesome.
    June 21, 2024
    The product was delivered on time , beautiful looking, the sound is great, the price was great , I will use it for outside parties, or just when it is a good time to hear music, I highly recommend this blue tooth speaker
    June 21, 2024
    Absolutely great little speaker for the price. For the size and price it sounds amazing, Bluetooth has worked flawlessly as well as the radio. Definitely worth the money though.
    June 21, 2024
    It is pretty impressive. It is really loud inside of the house and it did a great job for the outside party. I ran it for 8 plus hours and it didn't die. I read depending on your volume on the life of the battery. I had it full volume the whole time. The remote is awesome. You can load your music to a USB drive and it plays. The radio was great as well. I didn't try the Bluetooth yet but I am sure it will be fine as well. I also like that you can carry from spot to spot with you if needed. Hope this review helps someone else with their buying decision.
    【AOVO®K1】Bluetooth speaker, Factory model: YYS-K1, Elegant and beautiful design, 3-dimensional accent, easy to connect & operate | Free shipping US and EU photo review
    June 21, 2024
    I love this portable Bluetooth speaker! So much to commend! I bought it mostly to play Pandora (I’m musically obsessed) and boost the volume on my iPhone. For both uses, it’s perfect! Love the sound, it sounds like a fancy rack system! It couldn’t be easier to connect Bluetooth. The lights are a great fun added feature. I thought it would be just a bit bigger, but not a problem. that it’s wireless! I can take it literally anywhere in my house and out! I am having trouble working the radio, but I think I just need to read the instruction manual.
    June 20, 2024
    About mid-level sound quality speaker. Great for the price. Great for the basement, garage, workout area etc. Just sayin' ya get what ya pay for. Oh yeah, the lights are nice too!
    June 20, 2024
    Arrived quickly and well packaged. Charges quickly and ours came with charging cable. Sturdy and well made. Battery lasts all day. Easy quick connectivity to my android phone. Puts on a cute little light show. Great sound. Worked much easier than the wired speakers in our vacation rental. Very pleased with purchase.
    June 20, 2024
    Works well, battery lasts pretty long. For the price you can’t go wrong. I would buy this again or a gift for someone.
    June 20, 2024
    You can't beat it for the price, it's nice and loud enough. Indoors it's loud but outdoors it's moderate. I use it while playing Disc Golf and it's perfect clips on to my bag and it's rugged design you just can't beat for the price.
    June 20, 2024
    This speaker is so loud! I didn’t even raise the volume half way & I had to stop so my neighbors across from my apartment wouldn’t hear late at night. It feels heavy duty and the lights are super bright. It was really easy to connect to my phone. I cannot wait to use this during my hiking trips to really test it out.
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