AOVO, an innovative work, large scale manufacturing, global coordination, online business deals, abroad stockroom deals as one of the amazing new energy green the travel industry organizations. Simultaneously, the AOVO business additionally includes the offer of items identified with sun-based energy. AOVO, make another energy world! New energy, better approach forever! Make your life more straightforward and make new ways of life with AOVO innovation. The AOVO Store is focused on conveying less expensive yet better items, and the client shopping experience is basic! They generally focus on the nature of the item and the after-deals administration. They focus on every client with certainty and fulfillment to purchase their items.

AOVO centers around developing inventive and simple to-utilize electric scooters, float sheets, e-bicycles, sun-oriented items with a rich plan, great development quality, and unrivaled execution. Market nations: USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France. The AOVO STORE sells a wide range of electric scooters with a maximum velocity of 40 km/h and a most extreme scope of roughly 40 km. It is the ideal decision for versatile drives and tutoring.


During Black Friday, they are viewed as the best markdown suppliers. They give the best client care and become one of the most incredible web-based shopping destinations. They generally care about their clients and attempt to win their trust. They convey items on the schedule. Yet, presently, numerous clients are watching to perceive how much rebate AOVO can give them during Black Friday.

  • This site shows the following number of shipments within 3 days.
  • They offer free transportation from German stockrooms. Conveyance requires 4 to 8 days.
  • A 14-day unconditional promise is accessible.
  • They additionally offer a 30-day substitution guarantee.
  • They additionally offer 180-day extras yet do exclude batteries.
  • You should leave your telephone number when you submit your request to convey it to you straight away.

Table of Contents
1. Features of AOVO Max Electric Scooter:
2. Wellbeing and Solace:
3. Bigger Tires 10-inch:
4. 3 Speed Mode and 600W Engine:
5. Most Secure Scooter:
6. Preventive Measures:
7. Buying Link
8. Specifications:
9. Conclusion:

Features of AOVO Max Electric Scooter:

Wellbeing and Solace:

The bike is a two-wheeled vehicle and is viewed as perhaps the best mean of transport. These are exceptionally helpful in rush hour gridlock. This audit will enlighten you concerning one of the most mind-blowing AOVO items.

These scooters make your ride protected and agreeable. There was a ton of interest in this scooter. Numerous lovers need to purchase this scooter at any cost. I don’t think this scooter needs any showcasing.

Numerous fans know these scooters and need to get them straight away. It has different items; however, this is another item that draws in numerous purchasers.

Bigger Tires 10-inch:

It is a scooter with blast-resistant tires. It is a scooter with blast-resistant tires. The size of the tire is extremely wide, and the nail isn’t penetrated. The size of the tire is exceptionally wide, and the nail isn’t penetrated. Cell tires can travel effectively in mud, field, and downpour.

3 Speed Mode and 600W Engine:

On this scooter, you can track down three-speed modes, contingent upon the street and the heaviness of the driver. These rates start at 40km/h. You can, without much of a stretch, change the speed.

Most Secure Scooter:

The front and back tire frameworks make the scooter more secure to break. It likewise has a double damping framework to make your ride more agreeable and permits you to drive on any street because of the grasp of the tires.

Another component is a check on the scooter’s dashboard that permits you to see its speed. These scooters are appropriate for movement. It has front and backlights that make it simple for you to ride a scooter around evening time. They used an aluminum combination in the development of this scooter to make it hard and rugged. It will make any scooter solid and can set aside your cash.

It likewise has a crate behind and has a solid gauging capacity. With this, you can easily have a lot of things in your crate contrasted with the most recent models. These scooters make your ride protected and agreeable. The interest for this scooter was extremely high around then; Many sweethearts need to purchase this scooter at any cost. I don’t think this scooter needs any promotion. Numerous aficionados know these scooters and need to get them quickly. This scooter has numerous contenders and numerous lovers. They need to assemble scooters that can contend and give new highlights to their scooters. Be that as it may, these scooters are useful for the climate since they needn’t bother with fuel. Accordingly, they don’t make any contamination the climate.

Preventive Measures:

At long last, I’d prefer to let you know a few precautionary measures to take when riding a scooter. Continuously wear security hardware, like caps and elbows. Have a go at pushing on a smooth surface away from heavy vehicles. Keep your eyes open while riding and attempt to avoid channels that are exceptionally destructive to you. Around evening time, consistently keep the headlights on; You can undoubtedly see somebody coming before you.

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  • Full vehicle size: After folding (118 * 48 * 53cm) and After Deployment(118 * 48 * 120)
  • Maximum speed: 40km/h
  • Body net weight: 18 kg
  • Maximum endurance: 65km
  • Maximum climbing angle: 14 degrees
  • Maximum payload: 100 kg
  • Charging time: about 5hours
  • Battery parameters: 15AH
  • Charging input voltage:AC:110V-220VDC:423A
  • Tire six: 10 inches
  • Rated power of motor: 350W
  • Maximum power of motor: 500W
  • Brake Type: Front-wheel drum brake
  • Vehicle Waterproof grade: IP65
  • Operating temperature rate: -10_40 degree
  • Tire type: pneumatic tire
  • Dashboard display: Remaining power, instant speed
  • Pedal width: 17 cm

Most reduced PRICE GUARANTEED. Featuring the longest scope of 40 miles, strong 10-inch pneumatic tires, and a one-venture collapsing outline, the BOGIST®MAX is here to start riders with a more reliable and open to the riding experience.

PDA and BOGIST®MAX application needed for starting arrangement.

  • Specs BOGIST®MAX
  • Battery 48V
  • Engine 600W
  • Reach Up to 65 km
  • Maximum velocity 40KM/H
  • Burden Capacity 220lbs
  • Charge Time 3.5 Hours
  • Max Slope Approx. 20%


Traffic can make anybody’s life simpler. In any case, many individuals can’t bear the cost of transportation like vehicles. So, they use bikes and bikes. Bikes are less expensive than bikes. Today, many organizations attempt to assemble electric bikes that don’t cause contamination and furnish clients with an agreeable ride. The organization is attempting to fabricate bikes with a high-productivity body, power, speed, and style. Many organizations make effective bikes. However, one maker, AOVO, attempts to carry out the item better than any other person. They attempted to give every one of the highlights of today in the bike. One of its items is AOVO Max Great convenience and valuable reach make this bike an extravagance. You can depend on this item, which is exceptionally possible and solid for anybody. Furthermore, the item is exceptionally effective and saves you a large portion of your time.