AOVO, a global innovator of light electric vehicles, just announced the release of the Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter and the AOVO BOGIST C1 Pro, which take last-mile mobility to a new level for professionals. AOVOstore showcases both products on its official website.


Bogist of AOVO is the benchmark for a new generation of products designed specifically for today’s mobile professionals. Products like these offer a unique combination of security and safety and professional-quality parts and innovation where it really counts.


Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter: Professional Mobility

As one of the best electric scooters, the AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter is made with professional-grade mountain bike components, puncture-proof, and lightweight with four LEDs front and back and a cargo basket for storage.


The 500-watt motor on the AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter allows it to offer a three-speed mode. In addition, it features a powerful battery and LCD integrated into the headstock, which displays distance, speed, connectivity, and battery life information. It also has a power display that shows the power of the e-bike and many more.

The following are some amazing features of the AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter

  • Model # : Bogist S5 pro
  • Engine: 48 single drive at 500w
  • Battery: 48-ampere lithium
  • Housing: Aluminium alloy
  • Adapter: Input 100-240W, output 546W per day
  • Type: 12*20 pneumatic tire
  • Brake: Brake block
  • Headlamp: Rear and Front lights
  • Maximum speed: 40-45 km/h
  • Maximum landing: 150k
  • Maximum charging distance: 35-40km
  • Products weight: 25kg
  • Size: 120*39*50 cm
  • Tilt motion:12 degrees
  • Charging time: Wally 8


AOVO BOGIST C1 Pro Electric Scooter

In our opinion, the AOVO The BOGIST C1 Pro Electric Scooter With Seat is among the best e-scooters in AOVOstore. The AOVO BOGIST C1 Pro features a timeless design and is visually appealing and pleasing to the eye. In addition to its minimalistic design, it is durable, comfortable, fun, and reliable at the same time. If you are searching for a reliable electric scooter that is comfortable for long rides, then AVO’s BOGIST C1 Pro with a seat is excellent.


In addition to providing uncompromised safety, the AOVO The BOGIST C1 Pro Electric Scooter is convenient and fast.

AOVO’s BOGIST C1 Pro has many excellent features, making it the best electric scooter of 2022.

Unparalleled comfort

Whether you’re riding through the city, having fun outdoors, or commuting across town, the BOGIST C1 Pro provides balance and control like no other bike. You will find that the seat is soft yet supportive enough for you to stay comfortable throughout the trip.

Shock absorbing pneumatic tires

By incorporating 10- inch pneumatic tires that absorb road shock, the BOGIST C1 Pro electric scooter with a seat offers unparalleled comfort and peace of mind. The three shock absorbers of the AOVO BOGIST C1 Pro Electric scooter provide a tremendous amount of comfort. Featuring a super long-range makes it one of the best e-scooters on the market.

Battery & Power

With the AOVO BOGIST C1 Pro, you can also swap out a battery to extend your ride time. And you can reduce the time you have to wait for a full charge.


AOVO’s BOGIST C1 Pro, with plenty of power, is easy to ride and compact. With its charger parameters rated at 109.2W, the BOGIST C1 Pro electric scooter with a seat can climb inclines up to a 20% grade. You can ride safely on rough roads because you can recharge the Smart BMS Superpower battery up to 500 times. The thrill of speed can be experienced while maintaining control, as you can achieve 45 km/hr. Rain or harsh environments will not affect you because the body is waterproof.

Cruise control

Further, the AOVO BOGIST C1 Pro is equipped with cruise control that can be accessed simply by holding down the Function button while maintaining a predetermined speed. The cruise control can be quickly disabled with a squeeze of the brake or twist of the throttle.

LED glare headlight system

The electric scooter’s glare-free LED headlights enable it to ride and climb safely. It makes driving over uneven terrain much more straightforward. BOGIST C1 Pro’s warning lights are designed to provide you with a clear view of the road without dazzling you.

The Smart display

In addition to power lights, speed mode, auto-cruising, and a power indicator, the electric scooter with a seat comes with a smart display that displays the scooter’s current status.

About AOVO

The AOVO brand is a global brand on a mission to change urban mobility for good. AOVO is helping people organize cities, campuses, and communities in fun, safe, and simple ways, while manufacturing and retailing vehicles that redefine mobility in cities, campuses, and communities throughout the world.


Not only that! When it comes to buying products, AOVO is the best online store for you since the products are a combination of versatility, quality, affordability, and durability.


Our products include e-scooters, e-bikes, hoverboards, solar, motorbikes, tents, and accessories. Additionally, we offer the best customer service. You can freely ask us anything about the products, and we’ll be glad to help. Furthermore, all the products are inexpensive, and you can buy them at any time online.


While the prices of every product on AOVO are lower than on any other online site, AOVO never compromises the quality of the products. Our products are all ultra-durable, stylish, and high-quality, so you will enjoy them for years to come.

Also, professionals have tested all AOVO products personally, and you can be sure they are both high quality and fun.

Which AOVO Electric Scooter is the One for you?

The electric scooters offered by AOVO are all of the highest quality. Each price point reflects the different needs of the riders.


You might want to consider the AOVO BOGIST M3 pro electric scooter if you are a beginner or shopping for a scooter for your child. With its lighter weight and decent speed, it is still a good option, especially if you ride your scooter occasionally.


With the AOVO Bogist S5 Pro Electric Scooter, you get a better range, brakes, bigger tires, and lighting than the Mini. All wrapped up in neat packaging.


If you are in search of an electric scooter with a high comfort level, then the AOVO BOGIST C1 Pro could be just right for you. It’s definitely worth the extra bit of money for an affordable rate. These scooters are all of the highest quality, and you will not be disappointed.

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