KuKirin G1 Pro Foldable Electric Scooter, 10-Inch Pneumatic Tire, 2*800W Motor, 48V 20.8Ah Battery – Black | Ship from Poland warehouse


  • 48V 20.8Ah high quality Li-ion battery provides 70km maximum range.
  • Equipped with 800W dual drive motors, the maximum riding speed is up to 55km per hour.
  • Built-in display provides real-time riding information.
  • It is designed with wide pedals and a long body.
  • Front and Rear Dual Disc Brakes
  • Ambient Light Design
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48V 20.8Ah High-capacity Li-ion Battery

KuKirin G1 Pro is powered by a 960Wh high-capacity premium Li-ion battery, which provides longer range, longer life, faster charging, higher safety, and a more durable and stable experience. It can provide a maximum riding distance of 70km and has excellent endurance. You can ride it to travel freely outdoors and experience the fun of riding.

800W Dual Drive Motor

KuKirin G1 Pro adopts front and rear 800W dual-drive motors, which are not only powerful but also stable, it can provide a maximum riding speed of 55km/hour, letting you feel the speed and passion. The strong power can make you climb hills more easily. In addition, it has an electronic braking and power distribution adjustment system, which makes driving safer and more convenient.

Wide Pedal and Long Body Design

The wide pedal design allows riders to relax their feet and reduce leg fatigue caused by long-term riding, allowing you to ride more comfortably. Meanwhile, the long body design also provides more space for riders to ride more freely.

Built-in Display

The KuKirin G1 Pro features a built-in display that not only hides the wiring inside the bike, but also reduces the clutter and exposure of external wiring, making the bike look cleaner and more high-end. You can use the display to keep track of your ride in real time and get the full picture.

Front and Rear Dual Disc Brakes

KuKirin G1 Pro features front and rear dual disc brakes for better ventilation and cooling, and stronger braking performance. Even when travelling at high speeds in complex off-road environments, the braking is easy, giving you the confidence to stop anywhere, anytime.

Fascinating Ambient Light Design

The cool ambient light not only changes colour when the vehicle is started, increasing the driving fun and playability for the young and fashionable user group, but also makes the vehicle more attractive when driving at night. It attracts people’s attention and ensures the safety of night driving.


Please observe local traffic rules and laws.

This product does not have the CoC Certificate and ABE Certificate.

Please read the following “warranty& return terms” before purchasing this product.

Please wear a helmet and protective tools while driving an electric scooter to ensure safe driving.

For safety reasons, please do not ride on rainy days or soak the electric scooter.

Please charge the electric scooter regularly in winter. It is recommended to charge it once a week to avoid damaging the battery.


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