Off-road Mode (Dual motor + Full power):
Unleash the full potential of our dual-motor setup and zoom away at exhilarating speeds of up to 34mph! Just switch to PAS level 5, and feel the rush of rapid acceleration under full throttle. Perfect for those who love a thrilling, high-speed adventure.


Battery | 1,920Wh & 2,640Wh
Model F3 Pro: 1,920Wh (48V, 20Ah & 20Ah)
Model F3 Pro Max: 2,640Wh (48V, 20Ah & 35Ah)

Charge Time | 7-10 hours
Charging hours depend on how much Battery energy you already used. In the first 5 hours, the battery is charged quickly. After then, it will be charged slowly till it is full. To keep the battery safe and durable, we recommend to charge slowly, like 2Amp. Fast charging may shorten battery lifetime and even damage it.


Top Speed | Class 3, Off-road Mode
You can shift between Class 3 and Off-road mode.

Range | 40-100miles
Depends on Battery capacity and Ride mode selection.
ECO mode: Please enable Single motor and adjust PAS Level 2 to Keep your average speed at 15-20mph, you will obtain long range mode.

Model F3 Pro (40Ah battery): 44-75 miles.
Model F3 Pro Max (55Ah battery): 60-103 miles.

USB Charging Port

A USB data cable port is provided on the battery, so when we are riding outdoors and our phone doesn’t have enough power, we can plug it into our e-bike’s power USB port to charge our phone.

20” Inflatable Tire with Inner Tube

With huge 20″ x 4″ fat tires, explore pressing through obstacles and impacts to give your adventure a steady ride and a consistent speed.

High Intensity Headlight

Ride safe using the bright headlight with a unique LED circle that lightens up your way while also making you easily visible to others.

Multi-functional Display

Operating on the multi-function display, you can always find out important information such as odometer, speedometer, wattage, battery capacity, etc. provided by the digital display.