【CARSUN Digital air pump T2190】 | Multi-functional air pump, with portable powerbank function, flashlight function, Mini fast inflation, Europe & US shipping


T2190 is a portable air pump equipped with four air nozzles, with lights and pressure measurement functions. Built-in battery, power display, TYPE-C charging interface, compact size, novel appearance and other advantages. It also has a built-in high-precision air pressure sensor and USB output function, which can charge your mobile phone in case of emergency. The user can inflate inflatable objects by presetting the tire pressure. When the air pressure reaches the preset tire pressure value, the air pump will automatically stop inflating.

Applicable scenarios: all inflatable ball products, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, electric tires, wheelchair balance vehicles, etc., suitable for inflating and replenishing car tires. It also has LED lights and pressure measurement functions.

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Product specifications

Product size: 72*52*168mm
Material metal+TPE+PC+ABS
Lighting Illuminated work light white light
Movement 19-cylinder in-line movement
Rated voltage (V) 11.1v
Maximum input current at rated load (A) ≤7A
Rated power (W) 70W
Air flow 16 L/min
Battery 3 strings 18650 2000mAH 5C
Digital display: 5 modes display, 888 display real-time inflation pressure value, power display, USB output display
Switch 5 operating key switches
Inflation pressure range 3~150PSI
195/65R15 tire inflation 0-35PSI ≤7 minutes 30 seconds
Working temperature ’-20℃ to +60℃
Duration: about 25min
Working noise Max. 80db, 1m 3 times
Charging interface TYPE-C interface
Charging parameters: 5V/2A

Instructions Instructions Process Black and White Printing
Instruction language Chinese and English
Instruction material: 70g double offset paper
Instruction size 68*130mm
Accessories Accessories Description Ball needle Swim ring mouth French adapter TYPE-C charging cable Trachea Storage bag
Number of accessories 6
6. Packaging size and weight
Product packaging Product packaging size 110*60*175mm
Product packaging material: 350g white card fine corrugated sub-film (UV/silver)
The inner lining of the product packaging is 350g white card laminated film
Gross weight 714g
Single product net weight 572g
Inner box packaging size None
Outer box packaging Outer box packaging size 390*235*360 (24pcs)
Packing quantity 24
Outer box packaging material: 200g double reinforced five-layer corrugated, printed in 1 color
Gross weight of the whole box 17.8kg

Related certifications CE MSDS UN38.8




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