Bogist M5 Pro original 500W electric scooter with seat

2024 New Version: BOGIST M5 Pro Portable Mini folding eMotorcycle, 40 km long mileage, 500W foldable electric scooter with seat, Only ship to EU, not ship to UK


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  1. The new version Bogist M5 pro has upgraded the shock absorber and used a stronger basket, Bogist M5 Pro is the best commuting assistant 2024
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Model: Bogist M5 pro
Product type: Mini eMotorcycle
Housing: Aluminium alloy
Engine: 48 single drive at 500w
Battery: 48-ampere lithium
Adapter: Input 100-240w, output 546w/day
Brake: Brake block
Type: 12*20 pneumatic tire
Headlamp: Front and rear lights
Max loading: 150kg
Max speed: 45km/h
Max charging distance: 30~35km
charging time: Wally 8
Tilt motion:12 degrees
Size: 120*39*50 cm
Products weight: 25kg
Rate power: 500W
Maximum power: 600W
Waterproof: IP54

Long range:40km

Battery can be detachable easily in the pedal board

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BOGIST M5 Pro (Fresh Green), BOGIST M5 Pro-S (Flame Red)

2 reviews for 2024 New Version: BOGIST M5 Pro Portable Mini folding eMotorcycle, 40 km long mileage, 500W foldable electric scooter with seat, Only ship to EU, not ship to UK

    Cecilia Blach lysdal
    April 9, 2024
    Very good packing, they made sure bike is secured and nothing should happen to it while in transit. Scooter was 80 % preassembled, just had to mount a seat, rear basket and latch the front. No additional tools needed, all you need its in the package. Battery was precharged which was cool, so I could test it right away. Bike (my second name for it) was able to carry one adult and two kids, so it is pretty strong overall.
    July 29, 2023
    “I LOVE THE SMELL OF AOVO IN THE MORNING!” + Purchased Friday evening, delivered (Dublin) the following Friday afternoon, super-shoutout to both Aovo and DPD, + Unboxing: scooter’s relatively heavy, so when/while unboxing, best remember the old adage: “Knees bent, back straight”, + Serial number – located on the package itself + on a label on the front mudguard. I also record(ed) the motor number (useful for insurance etc.) + Some online review(er)s give the impression that the M5 is small – relatively speaking, it can be – I’m average height for my hair (5’ 8” - @ 172cm in real money) without socks; the M5 is ideal albeit a little bit ‘cramped’ while seated. No problem if (like me) you enjoy both sitting and standing on the journey(s), + I find the best way to guesstimate actual range (on a full charge) is to take stated range, multiply by .65 and add 1.25km while maintaining a speed of 15-17 kph,. Stated max M5 range is 40-45km – I calculate realistically 27.25-30.5km – plenty, considering its primary function appears to be cargo/grocery-shopping collection/delivery, plus some commuting (carry the charger in the basket, eh?), + Like the scooter itself, the basket itself is big-time sturdy (secured by 2 solid screws). Squirt a little cheapo hairspray prior to securing – the adhesive therein is sufficient to minimise vibration-loosening. Plus you get a lovely ‘walnutty’ aroma – nice!). However, I see the paintwork is removed relatively easily, so I used some metal-protection black paint (oxidation/rust ISN’T your friend), + When charging the cooling fan is audible - a useful was to gauge when charging is complete (the LED also going from red to green), + A 3-pronged adapter is supplied for the English/Irish grid – excellent. I see it has a 13A fuse, whereas my understanding is that a 3A (or 5A, if stuck) should be used for a typical charger, + Probably one of the best horns (more melodic than harsh) and front/rear lights I have ever heard/seen, + PLUS if scooter is powered but not active (voltage displaying only) and the lights are turned on (but ‘inactive’), quickly pressing the on/off/select button on the controller can be used to briefly flash them (front and rear) – that’s a first = nice one Aovo! My only negatives (minor quibbles, really) are… - Zero-start only – personally I REALLY dislike not have Kick-start as default, especially considering the raw power of the vehicle, - No Cruise control; meaning continuous physical stress on the throttle (possible/eventual Hall sensor failures?), - It isn’t fully foldable (no biggy) & - no battery swopout option (suggestion: carry & connect a smaller, supplementary, moisture-protected battery in the basket (a PowerA to PowerB switch on/beside the controller?) and simply switch-over as/when the need arises? Just an idea (worth considering, Aovo?), Finally - recommended? Damn tootin’ & Happy Travels (no stupid risks, please).
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