Integration of movement and tranquility

Onesport OT05 adopted a new torque sensor that adjusts motor power in real time based on your pedaling force, ensuring a smooth and smooth acceleration process for a more natural riding experience. The integration of this technology makes the driving process more intuitive, providing a stable and comfortable ride whether on busy city streets or on steep slopes, allowing you to freely explore every corner of the city.

Start and Set-off

Onesport OT05 wide step-thru design of the frame makes getting on and off the bike easy for everyone.While our expert aluminum craftsmanship delivers a robust, durable, confidence-inspiring ride.

Sensitive and stable

Onesport OT05 combines the precision of hydraulic disc brakes with the versatility of a Shimano 7-speed gearset. Hydraulic brakes provide reliable and powerful braking performance in a variety of conditions, while Shimano gears provide smooth shifting and a range of gears for different terrains, ensuring a controlled and enjoyable ride.