The Bogist C1 Pro is the strongest and fastest electric scooter with the highest performance, quality, and dependability. It is constructed with durable and durable materials that keep it from defacing and breaking up. C1 Pro is built for dry and wet weather and is not afraid to conquer different terrain conditions.


It is boosted by an impressive 600W powerful engine which grants it the power to travel around 45kmph or 28mph and an extended distance of 40 km, which is about 25 miles. It is the best scooter for daily use, whether pleasure or work. It is designed to get you from place to place quickly, conveniently, and most importantly, it is safe. You can ride it either sitting or standing or in a position you’re comfortable with, making the Bogist C1 Pro electric scooter viable.




The Bogist C1 Pro is viable to remove the grips on the handlebars, and we can ensure that this is a mobility scooter and its a weight of less than 12kg. In addition, it can adjust the height of the handlebar in two steps, dependent on the height of the user. It also has an additional hook that can be used for carrying a shopping bag, for example. The build quality is superbly constructed, and we haven’t found any burrs in the aluminum structure, and the remaining are made of plastic. The electric scooter is equipped with rear and front lights. We also get disc brakes next to the brakes for engines, and it’s not a problem when we reside in a place that is steep also, as he is able to overcome an incline of 15 degrees.


A battery of 48V 13AH can allow users to cover an area of between 40 and 45 km and has a different result based on the driver’s mass and the speed at which they travel as well as the way of driving and the kind of surface. The safety is built on disc brakes that allow for the full charge of the motorbike to be accomplished in around seven hours.




There’s an LCD mounted on the handles, where information about battery capacity, speed, and the way to utilize it is displayed. The Bogist C1 Pro features disc brakes in the rear. Electronic braking technology allows rapid braking, which ensures the safety of your vehicle at speed. What’s the duration of the device that it can run on a full charge? It will take between 5 and 10 hrs to charge completely; following that, it has the ability of 35 to 40 miles. It is important to consider how much weight the machine will carry, the capacity of the engine, as well as the time it takes to run though if it is equipped with the most comfortable seating.


Powerful Motor


The majority of electric scooters have seats or are equipped with a motor usually mounted on the hind wheels. It’s good news for those who require the smallest size scooter. But, your primary focus must be on power. The most common scooters come with a 250-350W power rating ideal for a flat surface. But, it limits the ground that you can go on.


This won’t be an issue when it concerns the Bogist C1 Pro. The electric scooter is equipped with an engine that is powerful at 500W. This means it is able to climb hills at a 20-degree inclined angle. Gratitude to the strong motor, you will be able to maintain your speed on the climb.


Safe to Ride


To ensure the rider’s security, the scooter has a hind wheel disc brake system. Because of an E-braking mechanism, users are able to make emergency stops if needed. So, you are able to drive this bike at a greater speed with confidence that you’re secure.


However, the safety does not stop with having an effective braking mechanism. There are 10-” inflatable tires, which are huge and stable, ensuring greater stability. Thus, regardless of whether you’re riding on rough or smooth terrain, every ride is safe and steady. In the evening, you’ll be able to take the safety of your ride due to the high-powered LED light. They are purposely placed on the front wheel to brighten your way through the darkness.


One issue that many people are concerned about e-scooters is the battery life. This should not be a reason to be concerned with the Bogist C1 Professional. After five up to 10 hours of charge, this machine will be able to run between 30 to 40 miles without stopping. So, you’ll be able to travel comfortably without worrying about getting stuck.


Guarantees Customer Satisfaction


To guarantee complete satisfaction to every customer, the e-scooter comes with an assurance of 180 days. So, should any issues occur during the warranty period, there is no obligation to pay any amount for a repair or replacement? Do you think this bike is for you? It’s not a problem, as it supports over 260lbs. The 500Watt motor will comfortably carry your weight.


Max Speed


With a motor of 500Watt, this e-scooter can reach 45km/h at the best speed. This means you can go from one point to the next in a relatively short amount of time. Despite the high speed, the batteries will keep the charge for 30-40 km. To ensure comfort while riding the electric scooter, it is equipped with a comfortable seat. And that is not all for those who want to test something different.


Urban areas can be extremely overcrowded. There are a lot of people walking around the streets and annoying traffic. The Bogist C1 Pro could be your perfect solution. It has a compact design that makes it convenient to navigate around in traffic that isn’t. Due to its small size, it is able to be ridden in alleyways and on cycling routes without difficulty. Although it’s convenient to have an e-scooter that has seats, there are times when you’ll just like to stand. This is the benefit this model offers. It has a removable seat that lets you remove it whenever you wish to get up for a change.




The fastest electric scooter is mobile, and it is possible to fold it up easily and store it inside your car boot for when you’re in need. Additionally, it does not take up a lot of space in the storage portion. So, if you’re away from your home, you are able to carry it with you. It’s a good option for people. Besides, you can get a 10GBP discount by applying the rick30 discount code on this product on our website.


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