Kukirin G2 Master Electric Scooter 1000W, 70km, 20Ah super great performance off-road electric foldable scooter | Ship from Poland warehouse


KuKirin G2 Master provides robust power, superior control, and enhanced stability, allowing you to navigate any terrain stress-free. Experience a smooth ride anywhere with the advanced hydraulic shock absorber system.

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KUKIRIN G2 Master Electric Scooter, 2*1000W Motor, 52V 20.8Ah Battery, 70km Max Range, 60km/h Max Speed

1000W High-performance Dual Drive Motor

The KuKirin G2 Master electric scooter is powered by two 1000W high-performance dual-drive motors that can reach a top speed of 60km/h. The superior motors provide strong power for travelling and exploring, going uphill without any pressure and navigating various terrains with ease. In addition, the dual drive motors provide better control and stability, making you safer and more comfortable while driving and reducing fatigue on the ride.

High-quality Lithium Battery

The KuKirin G2 Master electric scooter is designed with a 52V/1081.6KW.H high-performance battery, optimised for longer battery life. With a range of up to 70km on a single charge, it can help you travel long distances and start outdoor adventures at any time and any place.

Hydraulic Shock Absorber System

KuKirin G2 Master adopts front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers. The front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers use the fluidity and compressibility of liquid to absorb and disperse vibration energy, effectively reducing the impact of vibration; according to road conditions and driving conditions, vibrations respond in real time, helping to reduce fatigue and improve driving safety, providing you with a more reliable, safe and comfortable travel experience.

Extra Large Display

The KuKirin G2 Master’s large display with high definition offers a more detailed image and text display, allowing you to view a variety of vehicle information and operation interfaces more clearly. You can control the speed and direction of the electric scooter through simple operations, and fully understand the real-time information while riding through the display, providing you with a good riding experience.

Front and Rear Double Disc Brakes

The front and rear dual disc brake design allows you to brake and decelerate more easily, providing good control and strong protection for your ride. Dual disc brakes can better distribute the braking force, helping the electric scooter maintain stability and controllability. Compared with traditional braking methods, disc brakes have a larger friction area and better heat dissipation, making them more durable.

Aluminum Alloy Material

The KuKirin G2 Master electric scooter is made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials, making its structure sturdy and durable. The high-quality body and the special folding system not only provide the stability of folding and unfolding but also enhance the structural strength of the body, making the electric scooter more sturdy and durable and able to withstand the test of various use environments.

Adjustable Pole

The KuKirin G2 Master electric scooter has adjustable poles. The adjustable pole allows the same electric scooter to adapt to the needs of different drivers to better control the driving posture and stability of the electric scooter. This helps improve driver safety and control over the e-scooter.

Cool Ambient Lighting Design

Adopt cool ambient light design to make riding more enjoyable. The ambient light not only changes colour as the vehicle is started, increasing the driving fun and playability for the young and fashionable user group, but also makes the vehicle more eye-catching when driving at night, thus ensuring driving safety.


Please observe local traffic rules and laws.

This product does not have the CoC Certificate and ABE Certificate.

Please read the following “warranty& return terms” before purchasing this product.

Please wear a helmet and protective tools while driving an electric scooter to ensure safe driving.

For safety reasons, please do not ride on rainy days or soak the electric scooter.

Please charge the electric scooter regularly in winter. It is recommended to charge it once a week to avoid damaging the battery.


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