‘Special Price: 389.99EUR! AOVO®Max Electric Scooter | Super Long Mileage 60km, 30~35km/h max speed , 500W Max Power, 36V, 15.6Ah, Ship from Germany / USA

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  2. 14 days refund guarantee if there are any quality problem without intentional damage, from the day of delivery
  3. 30 days replacement guarantee, from the day of delivery
  4. 90 days repairs warranty for free, we have the UK repair site and Germany warehouse
  5. 180 days accessories warranty, not including battery
  6. AOVO®MAX electric scooter: 500w max power, 35km/h max speed, 60km long range
  7.  Upgraded battery with current overload protection function, with the temperature control sensor
  8.  APP Security lock, 36V, 15.6Ah great battery
  9.  Elegent design, beautiful appearance with good performance, best electric scooter 2023
  10. Non-pneumatic inner tires: honeycomb shock-absorbing, puncture proof and explosion proof
  11. Promotion for this Christmas, lowest price in the whole industry, don’t miss out!
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Product Model: AOVO®MAX
Product Size: 118*48*53cm (folded)
Body Material: Aluminum alloy
Color; Black / White
Max speed: 30~35km/h
Tire Size: 10 inch
Mileage: 45-60KM
Max loading: 120KG
Battery type: lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 15.6Ah
Motor Power:500W
Charging time: 6hours
Max climbing: 20°
Brake: Front drum brake+ rear ABS electronic Brake
Lamp: LED
Packaging: 119*22*60cm N.W:19KG, G.W:22KG
After folding: 118*48*53 cm
After deploymen: 118*48*120 cm
Electric scooter weight: 20.9kg
Body net weight: 18kg
Certificate: CE FCC ROHS LVD EMC MSDS UN38.3
Display: LCD/Power, Speed, Gear
Load Capacity: 220lbs
Tire: 10-inch Non-pneumatic, inner tires: honeycomb shock-absorbing, puncture proof and explosion proof
APP: Cell phone and AOVO®MAX app required for initial setup via scn AOVO MAX QR Code

Featuring the longest range of 40 miles, robust 10-inch non-pneumatic tire, inner tires is honeycomb shock-absorbing, puncture proof and explosion proof, and one-step folding frame, the AOVO®MAX is here to spark riders with a more dependable and comfortable riding experience.

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Black, white, AOVO MAX Seat, Black with Seat

42 reviews for ‘Special Price: 389.99EUR! AOVO®Max Electric Scooter | Super Long Mileage 60km, 30~35km/h max speed , 500W Max Power, 36V, 15.6Ah, Ship from Germany / USA

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    December 14, 2021
    I own two of these scooters and I couldn’t be happier. That do a lot of hills okay; but they do bog down on some of the steeper ones. But they are very stable and safe. In fast speed I have travelled over 10 miles. The 40 miles they say it can travel is in the Economy Mode.
    December 6, 2021
    ENOUGH CANNOT BE SAID ABOUT THE RANGE! she go farrr. it's nuts. she's really well built, but the bottom plate is plastic like wtf.... I'm getting the stainless steel plate cover asap. it's amazing, I love this scooter. the only reason I'm giving it a 4 out of 5 is cuz this thing should honestly come with a bracket for the rear mud guard... like no I'm not standing on it but it's a concern... you'll see. it should also come with a "trunk" like a flat shelf mounted over the rear fender. it should also come with turn signals... and the rear tail light is so puny and low to the ground... it should also come with a bottle holder, mirrors, a phone mount, options for gps tracker, easier access to the inside of the stem, like it would be perfect if I could snake my security chain into the stem omg. it doesn't get any better for less than £500. if you get anything other than this scooter, you're just robbing yourself. spend the money, you won't regret it.
    'Special Price: 389.99EUR! AOVO®Max Electric Scooter | Super Long Mileage 60km, 30~35km/h max speed , 500W Max Power, 36V, 15.6Ah, Ship from Germany / USA photo review
    Brian Glascoe
    December 4, 2021
    Uhhhh... I looked and tried just about every scooter over 1k then I found this scooter because one of my buddy’s got one. This is by far the best scooter I’ve ever seen or tried I liked it so much I got two. I can’t imagine any negative reviews this thing is fast, comfortable, easy to ride and I’d say better than any scooter under 2k... if you want to spend 2500 to 3500 you can get something faster but for $600 bucks there isn’t a scooter out there that can compete. The only thing I kinda wish it had was a better app. I wish there was an alarm on it that would send a loud alert straight to my phone if someone touched it. My only worry is someone could steal it. They couldn’t do anything with it because once it’s locked you can’t use it but people will take anything that’s not nailed down.
    December 2, 2021
    I tried to justify a scooter for me to commute to work and if my employees wanted to buzz around out downtown area on it. I caved and bought this model after a lot of research. Really, I do not have any complaints. For flat and around town scooters, this is the best. It’s well built and very solid. I purchased AOVO MAX after shoulder injury. So i cann't carry the scooter. It’s an awkward 40+ lbs. once my shoulder heals, it probably will be fine. Yet, I wouldn’t want to lug the scooter very far. My kids absolutely love going around the neighborhood with me. There is room for two ...but definitely use safety gear with kids!
    Gregory Bradley
    November 30, 2021
    I've put about 400 miles on the Max. Really happy with the quality of the scooter overall. My city has terrible roads but the air filled tires keep it comfortable. I've also pulled sharp objects like glass and screws from the tires and never had a flat. Pretty good speed/pick-up. I feel like I can generally keep up with traffic. Battery life impacts speed pretty significantly. 18mph on my way to work (4miles) and closer to 16mph on my way home. Very happy with the purchase and feel like it's a solid investment. Only "con" is the weight. I think twice if you have to regularly carry it up and down a flight of stairs in the city. Folds up nicely but it's heavy. Overall, very happy with the Max and highly recommend!
    November 30, 2021
    As COVID rages on in Late Fall 2020, the AOVO Max has become even more important as my primary mode of transportation for grocery shopping, pharmacy, and just getting outdoors responsibly. I added the front suspension to significantly reduce the jolting experienced with bumps, curbs, and other road conditions. That made a world of difference and wishing this thing had a rear suspension too. But I’m still quite happy with my ride and no complaints, defects, or other issues that I couldn’t resolve on my own. One clarification: You CAN get this wet in the rain or splash through small puddles, and it’ll be just fine. Obviously don’t submerge it, but for the occasional rain-storm, which we get a lot of in the Pacific Northwest, it’s rated for that. I also added a permanently mounted red bicycle light onto the rear fender (YUP, I actually removed the rear fender, drilled mounting holes and attached it). I did this for added visibility, along with reflective safety gear as the daylight grows shorter.
    November 30, 2021
    We bought this as Christmas gifts for our two kids, but at 6’1” and 225lbs I’ve had as much fun in this as they have. It’s VERY sturdily build and you can feel that when you pick it up. Don’t know what it weighs, but it’s noticeably heavier and more solid than some others I’ve been around. I’m a clumsy kinda guy, but it’s very forgiving and I was comfortably riding around like a teenager in just a matter of minutes, having never ridden one myself before. It’s got really cool lights that are great for the kids late evening rights outside. Really only possible downside is my kids are really hard on things and this one seems to get scuffed and scraped fairly easily. Having said that, functionally it’s withstood them banging into things and even dropping it once or twice, so the scrapes it’s gotten since nearly day one are just cosmetic. GREAT value for the price we paid!
    Marie Knights
    November 26, 2021
    This thing takes me to 80% of the places I need to go in my life. I love it. Super easy to use super stable super intuitive, I just love it. I had another model from Costco, but it wouldn’t make it up the hill to my house. This one does. By the way make sure to have enough air in the tires. That really affects how quickly it accelerates and how well it goes up a hill. I assume it also has a big affect on range. Adding air and measuring the pressure is a little tricky, you’ll need the attachment hose that comes with it to do it, and a little finesse. Doesn’t seem to be a standard fitting found in the U.S. which is to say it probably won’t fit on your bike pump. It can be done by using an air nozzle gun, and quickly backing off the threads at the valve stem once it’s full. I don’t have any problem measuring it with my standard US style air gauge, however. It’s just getting air in there that’s the trick, and you want to do that. I run 40-45 psi or so. Rides much better that way. I’d give it a five star if it had standard valve stems By the way be careful out there. It’s easy to take cutsies and feel like a 12-year-old boy on a bike again. If you want to keep these things legal, slow way down around pedestrians and use the courtesy bell before during and after you encounter them. Then say thank you as you gently pass.
    November 24, 2021
    I will say this (and it’s important because I thought Segway sent me a defective item, and noticed plenty others mentioned this): the setup, while it seems easy as 1-2-3, does require some attention to detail. Make sure when you take it out of the box, and you begin to put the handles on, to ATTACH THE BLUE WIRE LEADS BEFORE PUTTING ON THE HANDLES. Otherwise you’ll be like me, sitting there wondering whether the scooter is charging, the rear lights blinking, and the screen doesn’t turn on. I read in a couple places some people experiencing the same thing, and comments saying that “the motherboard is fried”. I was deeply discouraged, but thankfully my tinkering ways led me to again open the handle And make sure I didn’t miss anything. This is not clearly written in the instructions and really should be! Ok... after putting a couple screws together, you’ll notice that the machine is made so darn sturdy and sleek. It feels great standing on it. I’m ~220, and I’m zipping around on this thing. I can say that going up a 10-15% hill was a struggle as the scooter was really trying to push my fat a55 up. Amazing battery life, great acceleration (it’s safe, not instant *thumbs up*), and just loads of fun. Do buy a helmet. It’s actually really fast, especially if you’re a newbie like me.
    'Special Price: 389.99EUR! AOVO®Max Electric Scooter | Super Long Mileage 60km, 30~35km/h max speed , 500W Max Power, 36V, 15.6Ah, Ship from Germany / USA photo review
    Christian Flores
    November 24, 2021
    Especially now with Covid I hate using the MTA and refuse to pay 127$ for late trains and dirty non social distanced passengers. This scooter has changed the way of my commutes from work to home everyday. I live around 6 miles away from my job and this scooter has more than enough speed and milage to bring me from home to work and back. The speed does slightly decline after several usages but that depends on how often you use it. I use it just about everyday and it still runs a smooth 18mph on 57% battery.
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