NECESPOW-320 | 320W Solar Portable Power Station,280Wh/88000mAh Lifepo4 Battery Backup Supply Solar Generator | Only the USA Shipping


NECESPOW Portable Power Station,281Wh/88000mAh Lifepo4 Battery Backup Supply Solar Generator,320W(Peak 600W)

Pure Sine Wave 2 AC Outlet,PD 60W/LED Flashlight for Camping CPAP Outdoor RV Emergency

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  • 【High-security lithium iron phosphate battery and PD 65W charging】The portable power supply uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, which can be charged and discharged 2,000 times, extending their life by 4 to 6 times, and can be used for about 10 years. Moreover, LiFePO4 battery is safer than Li-ion battery.1 * PD 65W port (PD charger sold separately). It has 2*AC output (110V/60HZ), 2*DC output (max 12V/10A), 1*USB QC3.0 + 1*USB (5V/2.4A) and 1*SOS LED light.
  • 【Pure Sine Wave 320W/Peak 600W Portable Power Supply】With pure sine wave, the inverter can be considered as mains power, which can be applied to precision equipment and medical equipment to make them run faster and faster. Work quieter and more stable. Intelligent system can protect the equipment from over-current, over-voltage and overheating, extend the battery life. Use for home/travel/camping, charge your cell phone, tablet, GPS, walkie-talkie, laptop.
  • 【Two-way fast charging】Traditional charging methods take a long time to receive power using solar panels, car outlets, AC adapters and generators. With the continuous advancement in technology, Type-C port can be fast charged by PD charger (sold separately). The input/output is up to 65 W. It is possible to use both the solar panel/car socket/AC adapter and the Type-C port to charge the main unit quickly. So our portable power station can be fully charged in as little as 2-3 hours.
  • 【Adjustable LED brightness and aluminum case】LED light has 4 modes (constant + flashing + slow flashing + SOS), one key to adjust the brightness, more convenient to use and protect. It can be used for disaster prevention, camping, hiking, night fishing, power outage, outdoor, home and many other occasions. This solar generator has a cooling fan to control the internal temperature of the portable battery. The body is made of popular aluminum with a unique design that you will love.
  • 【Safety and Warranty】The LCD display shows the internal temperature of the battery pack when charging and discharging. The Battery Management System (BMS) provides temperature control, voltage control and short circuit protection.PSE, METI, FCC, CE, ROHS ensure that the necessary certifications have been obtained. Note: The battery must be fully charged when first used.
Capacity 322Wh/88000mAh
Capacity LiFePO4 Battery (Lithium-iron phosphate battery)
AC Output 320W(Peak 600W) Pure Sine Wave
PD Output/Input 1* PD 65W (5V3A ,9V3A ,12V3A,15V3A ,20V3.25A)
USB Outputs 1*USB(5V-2.1A) 1*USB-QC3.0(5V-2.4A ,9V-2A ,12V-1.5A)
DC Input 16V/4A (size 3.5 mm*1.35 mm)
DC Output 12V-5A*2(10A MAX), (size 5.5 mm*2.1 mm)
Light 5 * high degree light / SOS
Working Temperature -10℃ — 65℃
Material Aluminum alloy + fireproof ABS
Size(Weight) 6.6*10.3*5.1 in (10 lbs)

Five charging methods:

(1) The built-in MPPT can be charged with a solar panel (sold separately).

(2) The in-vehicle outlet (12V to 24V) can be charged.

(3) With the wall socket, you can charge the power supply with an AC outlet.

(4) If you have a PD charger (sold separately), you can charge the Type-C port quickly. Input / output up to 65W.

(5) Due to continuous improvement of technology development, AC and PD will be charged at the same time, and the charging time will be only 2-3 hours.

LED brightness can be adjusted

Press and hold the light button to adjust the brightness

The lighting of the portable power supply can change the brightness desired by the customer.

And there is a specific rescue signal. (SOS + strobe)

Perfectly suited for your needs in different cases.


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