Kukirin G2 E-Scooter


Vacuum Tires Conquer Multiple Terrains

KuKirin G2 electric scooter is equipped with 10-inch off-road vacuum tires and front and rear spring shock absorbers. Its excellent grip and shock absorption effect ensure smooth driving under various road conditions. The vacuum tire design reduces the risk of tire blowouts and increases driving safety and comfort. Whether it is on the asphalt road in the city or the gravel trails in the countryside, KuKirin G2 can easily cope with it and provide you with an unparalleled riding experience.

800W Powerful Power

The built-in 800W integrated hub motor, combined with the sine wave acceleration mode, provides you with a silky acceleration experience and continuous driving force. From the leisure mode of 15km/h to the galloping speed of 45km/h (65kg load), the three-speed gear shifting is flexible. Whether it is daily commuting or passionate driving in pursuit of speed, KuKirin G2 can meet your diverse needs and make every trip an enjoyment.

Long Battery Life and Worry-free Exploration

KuKirin G2 foldable electric scooter is equipped with a 48V15Ah high-performance lithium battery, which can provide a battery life of ≤55km at medium speed (65kg load). Whether it is efficient daily commuting or long weekend leisure exploration, it can be easily handled without worrying about power issues, greatly expanding your travel radius.

Front and Rear Dual Disc Brakes

KuKirin G2 is equipped with front and rear disc brakes with power-off brakes, which can respond quickly even at the highest speed, and the braking distance is controlled within 4-10 meters to ensure safe braking in emergency situations.

Quick Folding

KuKirin G2 folding electric scooter has carefully designed a one-button quick folding mechanism, which can achieve the folding and unfolding of the pole in just a few simple steps. After folding, put the streamer on the front of the car around the bottom plate where the taillight is located to firmly lock the frame, avoid accidental unfolding during transportation, and ensure the safety and stability of the user when carrying. The exquisite folding device has been strictly tested and is not easy to loosen even if it is folded frequently, providing users with a long-term convenient experience.

Lightweight Design

KuKirin G2 e-scooter optimizes the material and structural design on the basis of ensuring the strength and stability of the body, so that the net weight of the product is controlled at about 26kg. The product is easy to carry and store, and the folded size is compact, which is very convenient for commuting to get off work or putting it in the trunk of a car.

Intelligent Control

KuKirin G2 off road electric scooter is equipped with a high-definition intelligent touch screen. Through this delicate and sensitive screen, you can intuitively obtain the real-time status information of the vehicle, including but not limited to driving speed, remaining power, mileage, and current gear, etc. All key data are clear at a glance. In addition, the touch operation is simple and intuitive. You can switch driving modes, adjust brightness, and even view historical travel records with just a tap, so that every ride is under your control.


General Brand: Kukirin
Type: Electric Scooter
Model: G2
Specification Maximum speed: 45km/h
1st, 2nd, 3rd (idling): 25km/h, 35km/h, 55km/h
1st, 2nd, 3rd (65kg load): 25km/h, 35km/h, 45km/h
Middle speed mileage (65kg load): ≤55km
Climbing ability: ≤20° slope
Brake system: Front and rear disc brake & e-brake
Brake distance: 4-10m
Waterproof level: IP54
Motor type: Integral hub motor (rear wheel single drive)
Motor Rated Power: 800W (Max 1200W)
Max output torque: 29N.m
Battery: 48V 15Ah
Charger input voltage: 100-240VAC~50/60Hz
Charging time: 8-9h
Front shock absorber: Spring shock adsorption
Rear shock absorber: Spring shock adsorption
Headlight type: LED
Headlight power: 3W
Headlight illumination angle: 60°
Headlight illumination area: 4㎡
Turn light: Yes
Taillight: Yes, the taillights are on when the headlight is on, taillight flash when breaking.
Tire 10-inch vacuum tire
Instrument type: LED
Weight & Size Product Weight: 26kg
Package Weight: 29.5kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 125.8 x 66 x 126cm
Package Size(L x W x H): 123.5 x 20.5 x 57.5cm
Package Contents 1 x Electric Scooter
1 x Charger
1 x Toolkits
1 x Rear Fender
2 x Rear Fender Mounting Bolts
1 x User Manual