AOVO X8 Intrepid DrunkLizard electric scooter battery replacement.  Extend your electric scooter's range with an additional swappable battery.
  • We released A battery for the best-selling model of the AOVO X8 (Compatible With Bongo Series A Advance Connected and Kugoo HX PRO).This battery uses high quality material and is equipped with a smart circuit chip to protect the battery during charging.
  • The detachable battery design of AOVO X8 allows the battery to be replaced. If you have two batteries, you can easily replace them when the power is exhausted
  • High-security lithium battery 25 km Battery Life
  • Tested under conditions that the power is sufficient, with a load of 75kg, at 30 °C, 60% humidity, wind speed level 2, tire pressure 50psi, on a level road, in pedestrian mode below 15 km/h of uniform speed. Actual results may vary depending on temperature differences, load, wind speed, road conditions and other factors.