Hiboy Titan G2 Pro Single Drive Electric Scooter 800W,Range 65-70km


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  1. 800W Brushless Motor – Features powerful 800W motor, and 12.5AH battery, the electric scooters can reach 25 mph and 25% hill grade, travel up to 28miles (max load of 286 lbs), 3 ride modes to choose from.
  2. Wider 10in Off-road Air Tires – Titan adult eletric scooter with wider 10in pneumatic tires, And deeper lines provide perfect anti-seismic and anti-slip performance, it can keep a good riding experience in bad road conditions.
  3. More Comfortable & Safe – Dual disc brakes & shock absorption make Titan more comfortable and safe when riding. And with a wider deck to make you stay balanced on a wide and stable platform.
  4. Humanized Design- The electric scooter is equipped with a wider and anti-slip stand deck for larger feet support, and a clear LED display shows the mode, speed, battery, distance.
  5. Foldable & Portable – Easy to fold and portable, it can be easily store into the trunk of a car.


Hiboy Titan Off-road Adult Electric Scooter

A new series of Hiboy electric scooters bring new riding experience, come and enjoy it.

With 10in pneumatic tires, and front and rear dual shock absorption system even riding on mountain roads will not feel uncomfortable. The 800W motor and 12.5AH battery support fast speed, climb 25% hill, and long-distance commute.

There are 3 modes to choose from, the front and rear dual disc brakes and the widened stand deck make the Titan electric scooter safer and more reliable.

The Hiboy Titan series is undoubtedly the perfect choice for long-distance commuting.


  • Max. Mileage: 28 miles
  • Max. Speed: 25 mph
  • Max. Load: 286lbs
  • Max.Slope: 25%
  • Battery Capacity: 12.5 AH
  • Motor Rated Power: 800W
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 47.3*24.4*47.6 inch
  • Folding Size: 47.3*24.4*20.9 inch

10 reviews for Hiboy Titan G2 Pro Single Drive Electric Scooter 800W,Range 65-70km

    Hiboy Titan G2 Pro Single Drive Electric Scooter 800W,Range 65-70km photo review
    scott zimmer
    September 28, 2021
    This scooter is amazing definitely worth the price sturdy and fast would have gave five stars other than the fact of two things the instructions horrible don't even tell you how to turn it on not that I needed help but the directions are horrible second you gave a multi-tool in the package which is really cool but it would have been better spent on some kind of anti-theft device and I'll figure out how to get some Allen wrenches LOL just wishing this product came with some kind of key or some kind of card would be really cool if it was program like a security card that you needed with a scanning screen on it that would be dope
    Hiboy Titan G2 Pro Single Drive Electric Scooter 800W,Range 65-70km photo review
    Justin Davis
    September 28, 2021
    My Mi 365 is nothing near the titan...this machine can handle the road easily ask any car tire lol...its the real dan da da yard man style... you can't beat the price hiboy as risen the bar interms of pricing with quality.
    Emilio J. Guerra
    September 28, 2021
    This is my second Hiboy scooter. My first was the S2 Pro which I most say has the best battery ever. I live in Boston, MA and everyone I've encountered riding another scooter has told me the same thing, that their battery doesn't last. My S2 Pro I've bought it back in October 2020 and still going strong 💪. Now I just purchased the Hiboy TITAN and boy what a scooter that is. It has 3 speeds and it goes 25.9 miles an hour. The first say I ran it it did shut off twice, I'm thinking it had a loose cable, I reconnected everything again and it hasn't happen again. I tell you guys if you're looking for a durable, strong yet stylish scooter (the lights are awesome!) consider the Hiboy TITAN I give it a⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Hiboy Titan G2 Pro Single Drive Electric Scooter 800W,Range 65-70km photo review
    Amy Peak
    September 28, 2021
    I left a negative review previously and wanted to update. I had problems with my rear tire and AOVO now told me they are sending a replacement tube and tire. Aside from dealing with that the scooter is badass. I use it daily as I am a block from the beach and parking is a bear. It quickly accelerated to 25mph and it has great handling. Suspension and pneumatic tire make for a smooth ride(compared to my hard tire no shock one). Battery lasts very long. There are minor engineering thing i would prefer like easier tire removal. Hoping Hiboy takes the feedback and incorporates a rear motor electrical coupler to simplify the job... Praying that Hiboy stays on top of customer service with response and support. Also, technical support via youtube for tire removal instruction, programming etc. I am a mechanic and figure it out but the regular Joe would benefit.... If my tire doesn't arrive i will let you know....
    Hiboy Titan G2 Pro Single Drive Electric Scooter 800W,Range 65-70km photo review
    September 28, 2021
    Let me start by saying i purchased this item on Aovo at full price like anyone else does, so this is an unbiased review. I live near Philadelphia and we see alot of scooters and no one looks twice at any of them, except this one! My friend has your basic scooter that does about 12 mph and i showed up with the titan one day and he couldnt keep up with me so now he hates me and HIS scooter! What did he do?, bought the titan as well! Description says 25mph and i can tell you i have gone faster than that on it. I can ride with my boys for 2 hrs and it still has 3/4 battery life left. I have never seen it go below 1/4 power left. Even on trails, up hill,this thing suprises me how much power it has. I weigh 180 lbs and it carries me around with ease. I am sooo glad i spent a little more to get the titan with front and rear suspension and brakes. It stops on a dime. Love the scrolling lights on the side. love the display. 3 speed settings. Adjustable throttle.. The led " headlight" is super bright. I ride at night all the time. I am the envy of everyone else who owns a scooter. Some reviews say they have tire issues. Ive had mine for over a month, ride it everyday, and have had no issues with flat tires. I havent needed to add any air yet either. The one issue i did have was it would suddenly power off for no reason. I contacted their customer service and they diagnosed the problem in one message and sent me a replacement part that took all of 2 minutes to swap out and i have had no issues since. They even let me know when it was shipped and followed up to see if i recived it and if it i had any more issues. I can honestly say it was the best customer service experience i have ever had! They went above and beyond what i expected and stood by their product. Nydia Lee over there is awesome! If every company handled their customers this way, there would be no more complaints about customer service. If you are looking for a scooter and you want the best? This is it. It rides so much better than your average run of the mill scooter. Dont be like my friend. Buy once. Go big or go home!
    Hiboy Titan G2 Pro Single Drive Electric Scooter 800W,Range 65-70km photo review
    Joseph Morejon
    September 28, 2021
    I originally gave this a 1 star but I retract my last statement. I give this a 5 star despite my original post, reason for it it is because yes it was faulty but the company was 100% willing to help in every step of the way. I was given a replacement for the one I received, in which worked greatly I was going from 25mph to 28mph. if any issues occurs I ask that you ask the company for assistance, because they will provide your with what you need to know from videos indicating instructions on how to do replace a part or a minor part that needs to be fixed. the battery life is more long lasting that I has expected for even an hour it only went down one bar, it's durable than the previous one I had owned compared to it it doesn't hold a match to it. it may be worth more in price but at least it's backed up by a company that cares for it's customers I believe it's worth the price.
    Hiboy Titan G2 Pro Single Drive Electric Scooter 800W,Range 65-70km photo review
    Dear MR.J
    September 28, 2021
    This is the fastest scooter that I've ever ride. I'm a huge outdoor fan but my parents don't want me to take public transportation. But with the legalization of electric scooters in NYC. They bought me this Hiboy Titan Electric scooter. It is equipped with an 800W motor and big 10' Air tires. The unique design and suspension system make the ride much smoother than I expected. It is tall and due to the big tires, it has some gap from the ground. tHERE ARE 3 levels, I would highly recommend using the 2 levels since the 3 levels will give instant tour/ which might be overwhelming to control. On average, I'm getting 24+ miles and it can go as fast as 26+ MPH. Somewhat pricy but worth the ride.
    Hiboy Titan G2 Pro Single Drive Electric Scooter 800W,Range 65-70km photo review
    Denise Hynds
    September 28, 2021
    I've only had it for a week and so far I love it it is a very powerful scooter and it literally takes off like a race car it's a pretty scooter I hope I get a lot of use out of this scooter by the looks of it looks like I might get a year or two out of it it depends
    Hiboy Titan G2 Pro Single Drive Electric Scooter 800W,Range 65-70km photo review
    September 28, 2021
    Great scooter for the price very powerful and great mileage it says the scooter only goes 25mph I'm 230 pounds and hit 30mph with no issues I highly recommend this scooter thanks.
    Bob Falcon
    September 28, 2021
    Love this scooter. I weigh 253 lbs and it handled my weight just fine. Took it on the bike trail and had a blast. After 15 miles on the bike trail going 19 MPH and up to 26 MPH I only used 2 out of 5 bars on the batteries.
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