AOVO X9 promax | AOVO X9 plus upgrade version electric scooter

So far, AOVO X9 promax is the best electric scooter developed by AOVO Technology. It adopts AOVO Technology’s latest unique patents: battery separation charging technology, current intelligent overload protection, vacuum non-inflatable anti-puncture and waterproof shock-absorbing tires, and compression testing technology, etc. In short, it is AOVO Technology’s best electric vehicle The scooter combines all the most cutting-edge technologies of AOVO technology.

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  • 550W rate power, 1100W max power, 48V, 15.6Ah battery

  • 80~100 km max mileage, The use of current overload protection technology greatly extends the battery life and increases the cruising range of the electric scooter.

AOVO X9 promax: An electric scooter designed for going to work, 100km super long distance, battery removable charging separately

Super-strength polyester fiber reinforced tires have obvious shock resistance, anti-breaking and explosion-proof tires, super tightness, no frequent inflation

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40 km/h


According to relevant EU policies, riding tools are not allowed to be driven on the road if the speed exceeds 25km/h. Therefore, we set the default maximum speed of AOVO X9 promax to 25km/h. If customers have special needs and needs, they can manually adjust the maximum speed to 40km/h.

100 km


AOVO X9 promax is an upgraded version of AOVO X9 Plus, especially the battery life has been significantly adjusted. It uses a 48V, 15.6Ah battery. Under normal circumstances, the 15.6Ah battery can travel 60km. Due to the use of current overload protection technology, the cruising range is extended.

  • The temperature control sensor realizes the current overload protection function to ensure that the temperature will not be too high and there will be a safety accident
40km/h speed
Waterproof IP65
  • Intelligent remote control lock to ensure that you can use AOVO X9 promax electric scooter conveniently and safely anywhere, any place. Note that it is not controlled by APP
100% Security
550W power

Premium performance and top-class technology integration

About AOVO X9 promax (AOVO X9 plus upgrade version), watching the movie

Easy to fold and carry

AOVO Tech wish users  purchased the best electric scooter with high-cost performance and comfortable experience, It’s free just for customers to be satisfied

  • This product is equipped with a reinforced fixed mobile phone holder, even if you are riding on a bumpy road, the mobile phone will not slip off

  • AOVO X9 Promax is AOVO technology flagship electric scooter. The riding of AOVO X9 promax is suitable for commuting and going to school, or enjoy outdoor life, field trips and scenic viewing, but also suitable for long-distance travel, 100km super long range.

Tires that are not afraid of nails

his is a waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, tubeless tire that does not need to be inflated and is not afraid of being punctured by glass shards, punctured by nails, or poor shock absorption due to uneven road surfaces.

  • Puncture-resistant, waterproof, shock-absorbing, non-pneumatic tubeless tires

  • You can inquire about CE certification by click here, new utility patents, official product appearance patents owned by AOVO X9 promax, including EU, China,the UK

Front and rear lights introduction

Built-in super damping system, front wheel, rear wheel damping, floor damping, and seat damping, even if driving on a very uneven road, you will still not feel bumpy

  • The cell is made of high temperature resistant materials, and the design is simplified and beautiful

  • Innovative design, and triple shock absorption effect, let users not only feel comfortable when riding, but also feel truly practical

100km super long range

Current overload protection and intelligent temperature controller make the AOVO X9 promax electric scooter safer, energy-saving and comfortable to ride

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AOVO X9 promax is a different electric scooter from any others E-Scooter, adopted AOVO technology newest developed technology, separately charging, battery removable, Circuit overload protection technology, 100km super long range and 550W powerful climbing capability

  • The AOVO X9 promax pedal groove is sealed, and the circuit also adopts sealing and circuit overload protection technology, so there is no need to worry about waterproofing and circuit short circuit problems

  • AOVO provide a coupon for AOVO X9 promax, up to 20 EUR off, coupon code: AOVO20

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