AOVO lalahome intelligent cleaning home for cat, Auto Self-Refill Cat Litter Box Pro, Smart cat feeding machine, 5G / WIFI Remote control by smartphone

$ 699.99

Generation III – RealScooper Pro, Free shipping USA and Europe, 4~6 days delviery
*Upgraded Pro Version: Smarter, More Thoughtful
Upgraded Extended Shovel: Reduces sticking, making cleaning easier.
Upgraded Toilet Tray: Prevents leaks and sticking, keeping it clean and tidy.
Upgraded litter trap: Odor-resistant design for fresher air at home.
Rake Design |Anti-Pinch |88L Large Capacity |Odor-Removal| Suit for 22LBS Cat | Integrated Safety Protection| Easy Clean | 5G/2.4G Wifi
✔ Auto self-cleaning
✔ Auto self-refilling
✔ Auto deodorizing
✔ Auto sterilization
✔ Auto safety protection
✔ Instant notifications

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Less Litter Tracking

The Hexagonal-shaped litter traps reduces litter tracking by catching it on the way out. It features double-layer design to help remove litter straight from your cat’s paws before they touch the floor.

Easy Disassembly for Cleaning

With quick and easy 3-second dismantling, clean-up is simple and neat. It’s never a hassle to clean up after your kitties. An 8L trash bin reduces the frequency of waste disposal to once a week, saving time and effort in maintaining the litter box.

Litter Levels Never Get Low

Going away for the weekend? Don’t let scooping kitty litter prevent you from traveling. On top of every Real Scooper is a compartment that stores up to 6kg (13 lbs) of litter. When Real Scooper detects low litter levels, it automatically releases and replenishes fresh litter, mixing it with the existing litter – Always maintain a fresh, clean litter bed for your furry friends.

Fight Odor with Deodorization

With a deodorization system and auto filing baffle, RealScooper effectively battles bad odors, helping to eliminate 70%-80% of unwanted gases, creating a cleaner and healthier environment for your cats.


RealScooper utilizes UVC sterilization to eliminate harmful bacteria after scooping, promoting a healthier environment for your furry friends.



Product Details:

Dimension: 28.6*18.9*25.6 Inch
Weight: 46 lbs.
Main Material: ABS, Glass
45dB when cleaning
Exit Height: 11 Inch
Internal space: 13.78*13.58*13.4in
Waste Bag: 23.62*17.7in
Package included: 1* RealScooper, 1 Roll* Waste bag, 1* Power Adaptor , 1* Product Manual

1. After manually refilling the litter in the top reservoir, the top litter compartment requires manual resetting to full capacity (5/5). Without resetting, the number of compartments in the litter reservoir won’t accurately correspond to the actual amount.
2. Cat weight measurement is real-time and displays weight information only when the cat is in the litter box.
3. App notifications reset at midnight daily, so please check message records each night for cat-related updates.
4. RealScooper is only suitable for clumping litter.
5. Place the RealScoopoer 1 inch away from the wall.

Package will be shipped out in 3 working days.

Shipped by FedEx, UPS or Amazon FBA.

It takes 5 to 8 business days for delivery to the United States and 6 to 12 business days for delivery to Europe and UK.


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